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Shigan is a professional manufacturer of checkweighers. we provide fast and accurate checkweighers for automatic packaging production lines in various industries. SHIGAN checkweigher has a number of checkweigher patents and obtained international CE certification.


Shigan checkweigher adopts a continuous dynamic automatic weighing method to detect the weight of items with high speed and high precision.

Checkweigher is an automatic machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. It is normally found at the off going end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits.And it can be well used with automatic packaging line equipment.

What are the types of checkweighers?

Inline checkweigher adopts a continuous dynamic automatic weighing method to detect the weight of items with high speed and high precision.Online checkweigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection on various automatic packaging lines, upper and lower line identification or weight classification selection.

SG-100 Small bag packing checkweigher

SG-100 Small bag packing checkweigher


The small bag checkweigher has high flexibility, fast and accurate weight collection and easy integration of existing transmission equipment. Online check weigher is mainly for weighing small packages products.

SG-150 Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

SG-150 Pharmaceutical Checkweigher


High speed, high precision checkweigher using unique weighing technology to control the quality of the products during the pharmaceutical production process to meet the stringent product quality control requirements.

SG-150H Bottled checkweigher

SG-150H Bottled checkweigher


The bottle checkweigher can accurately identify whether the bottled products are overweight/underweight and other quality abnormalities, and can be equipped with a gripping conveyor to effectively improve work efficiency


SG-220 checkweigher food industry

SG-220 checkweigher food industry


Our company has developed a high-precision, economical and practical checkweigher with excellent dynamic checkweighing performance. Dynamic weighing-automatic detection-automatic rejection in one step, comprehensively solve quality problems,such as underweight/missing loading/missing parts.

SG-220 Facial mask checkweigher

SG-220 Facial mask checkweigher


The facial mask checkweigher is an extremely flexible and reliable weighing system solution. Ensure that the standard weight of packaged items is consistent with the actual weight, and automatic reject.

SG-300 Daily necessities checkweigher

SG-300 Daily necessities checkweigher


The upper/lower limits of the dynamic checkweigher are simple to set, and the rest is done automatically by the weight sorting scale. low cost, strong judgment and strong versatility.


SG-400 10KG automatic checkweigher

SG-400 10KG automatic checkweigher


The automatic online checkweigher is a special equipment for modern automatic production workshops, check weighing machine is mainly used for the weight supervision and inspection of various production lines. 

SG-450 FCL online checkweigher

SG-450 FCL online checkweigher


Online checkweighing machine is a heavy weight automatic checkweigher, high accuracy online automatic checkweigher, suitable for detecting, counting and sorting 0.05-20/30kg packaging products (boxed, barreled, bagged) or processed part.

SG-550 Logistics checkweigher

SG-550 Logistics checkweigher


The logistics intelligent sorting checkweigher is a highly adaptable large-range automatic checkweigher, which has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong expansion performance.


SG-D300 Multi-stage sorting checkweigher

SG-D300 Multi-stage sorting checkweigher


The Multi-stage sorting checkweigher is graded according to the different weights of the products, which avoids the trouble of low efficiency of manual weighing and is accurate without material difference.

SG-JS150 Checkweigher and metal detector combo

SG-JS150 Checkweigher and metal detector combo


Automatic Checkweigher and metal detector combo can perform full metal detection while checking weight, and are the best solution for metal foreign body detection and online checkweighing.

SG-M800 Digital All-metal detector

SG-M800 Digital All-metal detector


The digital all-metal detector realizes the full digitization and intelligentization of metal detection technology. The digital metal detector machine is suitable for connecting assembly line inspection operations.


SG-T300 checkweigher and labeling machine combo

SG-T300 checkweigher and labeling machine combo


This automatic checkweigher and labeling machine combo can meet the diverse needs of customers for weighing and labeling, and provide advanced solutions. It can also be customized.

SG-JS300 Clamping conveyor checkweigher

SG-JS300 Clamping conveyor checkweigher


The clamping conveyor checkweigher is made of stainless steel, which is stable and can be connected to the production line equipment to realize the continuity of conveying.

Static checkweigher

Static checkweigher


This static checkweigher has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, light operation, and can realize multi-variety collinear shunt conveying. Automatic sound and light alarm.

Specification Parameter

Type Weighing Range Accuracy Division Max Speed Weight
SG-100 2-300g ±0.5g 0.01g 300pcs/min 60kg
SG-150 3-500g ±0.1g 0.1g 150pcs/min 60kg
SG-220 5-1500g ±0.2g 0.1g 100pcs/min 60kg+44kg
SG-300 5-3000g/5000g ±0.5-1g 0.1g 80pcs/min 80kg+44kg
SG-400 10-10000g ±1-10g 1g 50pcs/min 80kg+44kg
SG-450 0.05-20/30kg ±1g 0.1g 40pcs/min 100kg
SG-550 0.5-50kg ±20g 1g 30pcs/min 150kg
SG-D300 5-3000/5000g ±0.5-1g 0.1g 60pcs/min 60kg+150kg
SG-T300 5-3000/5000g ±0.5-1g 0.1g 30pcs/min 200kg
SG-JS150 5-500g ±0.1g 0.1g - 240kg

Reject machine types:

In terms of culling type,we provide the following 5 different types of cull:

①Panel tumover type online checkweigher

Online checkweigher with panel tumover is fit for packet content with thickness of less than 10mm,such as tablet,electuary and the like.

Panel tumover type online checkweigher

②Air-sweeping Type dynamic check weigher

Dynamic check weigher with air-sweeping is fit for high-speed packet content like lightweight items.

Air-sweeping type dynamic check weigher

③Dropped type check weigher machine

Dropped check weigher machines are suitable for other thin, difficult-to-slip, and easily damaged items. such as sheet cosmetic masks.

Dropped type check weigher machine

④Push type checkweigher system

Push type checkweigher system is common elimination method applicable to box-packed items with thicker packing;it is usually standard configuration of equipment.

Push type checkweigher system

⑤Driving lever type automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweigher with driving lever is common elimination method and the configuration make the volume of eliminating part lengthened.

Driving lever type automatic checkweigher

Different products suitable for different ways, our company has professional technicians can choose the type of cull suitable for your products,you can contact us at any time to get professional guidance!

Product features:

1.Adopt 7/10 inch “Weilun “ touch screen, simple operation and intuitive display.

2 The weighing module adopts the German HBM brand.

3.Automatic check weight machine can be set to store 100 kinds of product detection data to facilitate users to switch to use.

4.With empty package photoelectric automatic detector function;conveyor belt speed is adjustable, and with automatic learning function.

5.The unique weighing frame structure ensures the stability of dynamic weighing data, and the weighing body is made of anti-vibration aerospace aluminum material to ensure that the machine operates in different environments.

6.Automatic zero tracking system to ensure reliable detection data.

7.The self-developed MCU system has a unique filtering algorithm to ensure the stability of the system.

8.The mechanical structure is simple and the failure rate is low; Adopt button conveyor belt, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance.

9.Support customized multi-language, the default is Chinese and English.

10.Support information transmission, such as RS485 RS232 Ethernet.

Main application industries of dynamic checkweigher for packaging line

Dynamic Checkweighing is a method of safeguarding within the packaging industries for product weights. A Checkweigher system will check the weights of products whilst in motion, rejecting any products that are over or under the set weight.The high speed and high precision of the checkweigher greatly save the cost of enterprises and provide more economical solution for the weighing operation on the production line.

SHIGAN series of dynamic checkweighers are widely used and distributed in many industries. The assembly line automatic weighing system developed by our company is designed to solve the quality control problem of automatic weighing and inspection of packaging production lines.

     (1) Packaged food industry:

         Automatic dynamic checkweighing machine can solve the quality problems of packaged food net weight underweight/overweight detection, packaged food full box/full bag/full box/whole package missing parts, less loaded and more loaded detection, and packaged food packaging accessories missed loading detection.

Automatic checkweighing machine for food industry

     (2) Beverage industry:

The high accuracy checkweigher of the SHIGAN can detect the weight of a single bottle of beverages and drinks. In addition, a large range of weight sorting checkweighers can weigh online to detect missing parts and small quantities of the whole box. Packed products and automatically exclude them To the accumulation area of defective products.

High accuracy checkweigher for beverage industry

     (3) Pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry:

The high-precision checkweigher can solve the inspection of whether the net weight of the medicine is qualified, the whole bottle/the whole box/the whole package/the whole bag is missing, missing parts, and medical supplies packaging list accessories missing packaging detection, manual missing packaging detection and so on.

High-precision checkweigher CheckweigherPharmaceutical

     (4) Daily chemical and light industry:

SHIGAN high speed checkweigher for packaging line can be used for daily paper products, daily chemical cosmetics, daily detergents, daily toiletries, daily sanitary products and other daily chemical products and toys, textiles and other light industrial products, to solve online weight inspection orders The net weight of the product is qualified / unqualified, the whole box / the whole box / the whole package / the whole missing parts and missing parts detection.

  Online Checkweighing machine for light industry

     (5) E-commerce and logistics industry

SHIGAN FCL inline Checkweigher is a solution to the automatic weighing and detection of e-commerce parcels for the e-commerce industry. It can be connected to automatic scanning, automatic coding, and ERP systems to realize the needs of multi-functional integration and improve the comprehensive management of e-commerce shipments.

Heavy weight automatic checkweigher

     (6) Hardware and building materials industry:

SHIGAN automatic check weight machine can detect all kinds of metal stamping parts, die-casting parts, processed parts, precision parts, spare parts, etc. Product quality inspection, online weighing and sorting of building materials products, and missing/less packaging of packaging products /Abnormal quality such as missing parts.

Conveyor checkweigher for hardware industry

     (7) Plastic products industry

SHIGAN online weight checker can realize the detection of net weight damage of plastic parts, plastic parts, injection molded parts, plastic parts, plastic parts and other plastic products, detection of missing parts of packaging products, and detection of missing parts of multi-variety mixed packaging. 

Inline check weigher for plastic industry

Shigan: Your Professional Checkweigher Manufacturer

Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, design, installation, sales and after-sales integration of checkweighers and other products. Our main product is automatic checkweigher,multi-stage checkweigher,conveyor belt checkweigher system,metal detector,checkweigher and metal detector and other online dynamic checkweighing equipment.

Professional Technical Team

As a Checkweigher manufacturer since 2010, Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd has professional and experienced engineers, with 10 years of experience in installation, debug, and training. We are ahead of other competitors in technology and provide the best automatic checkweigher solutions for various industries.

Our professional R&D team upgrades machines at least two times a year.Now our machines have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world, more than thousands of customers praise!


CE certificate

CE certificate


Weighing Module

Weighing Module

checkweigher patent

checkweigher patent


checkweigher patent

checkweigher patent

Checkweigher conveyor


Telescopic Stripping

Telescopic Stripping

checkweigher patent

Drop Cull

Drop Cull

checkweigher patent


Customers & Exhibition

As one of the earliest companies engaged in manufacturing Online Checkweigher and Metal Detector Equipment in China.We have customers all over the world in more than 60 countries.Our main foreign market in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa.And now our products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world,annual export volume exceeds 1,000.

Italy Customer



Ethiopia Customer



Pakistan Customer



United Arab Emirates Customer

United Arab Emirates











Weight Sorting Checkweigher Transaction Process

(client) to confirm with you for the entire transaction process need to detect the product weight, size, precision and speed requirements, recommend to the customer the most suitable machine, determine the final plan, the customer pay the deposit, arrange production, strict factory test and the test images and video to clients, clients to arrange balance payment, the factory to arrange the packing shipment.


How to choose the right checkweigher?

In order to recommend a suitable model to your company, the following product information needs to be confirmed:

1.Product type, such as bags, bottles, boxes, etc.

2.Product dimensions (length, width and height). If there have multiple specifications, please list them or provide the maximum and minimum dimensions.

3.Product weight. If there have multiple specifications, please list or provide the maximum and minimum weight.

4. The speed requirements. whether it is passed at a uniform speed?

5.Accuracy requirements (how many grams of the upper and lower deviation is unqualified) or more than one less.

Other things to be verified are: the front and back docking equipment, the conveying direction, the height of the conveyor belt from the ground, the material of the product to be tested, and whether the unqualified product is automatically rejected.

If you don’t know these requirements well, it doesn’t matter. Contact customer service, we will guide you to choose the right model.


Customized Check weight machine process

OEM services are available with us,professional technicians can customize the checkwegher according to your needs and ideas. 

Customization requirements can consider the following aspects:

1. Products to be packaged. Choose a suitable conveyor belt width according to different specifications of products.

2. Accuracy requirements.For the accuracy requirements of the automatic checkweigher, different product standards choose different accuracy ranges.

3. Capacity requirements.The number of sub-selected pieces per hour, our company's highest number of pieces per hour can reach 300 pcs/hour.

4. Automation requirements.There are static checkweighers and dynamic checkweighers available, depending on the front and back ends of the production line.

5. Protection requirements. When encountering unqualified products, it can stop and alarm, or it can be automatically rejected.

6. Other specific requirements.


Price of your high quality Checkweigher?

High quality check weigher price:Due to different industry fields, the products to be tested will also be different, rich selection of accessories and this equipment is a non-standard customized product, so the price cannot be fixed. The reference price range for conventional models is USD 4,000-10,000.


Related fittings


    We use SCM control, SCM is higher speed than PLC, better accuracy, more stable system, in the

high-speed inspection weigher industry, SCM control is more professional, the world's famous inspection weigher is controlled by SCM.

  2.Load cell

     The core component of the checkweigher is the load cell. Currently, two types of load cells are generally used internationally: strain resistance sensors and electromagnetic compensation sensors. The load cells we use are imported from Germany, with good quality and high accuracy. Can adapt to long time work, high stability, not prone to failure

  3.Clamp bottle checkweigher conveyor

      The assembly line clamp bottle checkweigher conveyor is used on the assembly line to ensure that all kinds of bottled products are not dumped and pass the assembly line smoothly. The conveyor belt checkweigher is made of stainless steel and has good waterproof and anti-corrosion properties.


Bottle inline checkweigher conveyor
Clamping conveyor automatic checkweigher
Customized dynamic checkweigher conveyor system
Clamping conveyor checkweigher factory

   4.Alarm method

      The main alarm methods are: shutdown alarm, sound and light alarm, zero out of tolerance alarm, buzzer alarm, etc.

   5.Multiple external interfaces

      Provide USB,RS232C,RS485C,ethernet, PC, U disk interface and etc.

   6.Connect production line equipment

      Can be connected to other equipment in the production line.

     (1)Connected to the packaging machine, the product that has been subpackaged and packaged can be directly tested for net content

     (2)Connect the scanner and inkjet printer to print the production date, production batch number, and product weight on the product.

     (3)Connect the printer and output the weight value, daily production volume and production status according to the product.

     (4)Connected to the metal detector, can continuously detect whether the product contains metal foreign matter

     (5)Connect the labeling machine to realize real-time printing and labeling


Do you have a manual or operation video for us to learn more about the machine?

Yes, we can not only make manuals or operation videos according to your design, but also provide videos. If the goods you check are easier to find in our local market, we can test the materials from the check weight scales.

checkweigher manual


Can we arrange technicians to go overseas for commissioning?

After the equipment leaves the factory, someone will follow up the transportation process. After the equipment arrives at the destination, there are detailed operations using video to guide the commissioning and installation.Our inspection and reweighing debugging is relatively simple, video guidance can solve the problem of installation and debugging.In the later stage, there is a professional technical team who can follow up the experience of remote video at any time. such as the customer must arrange foreign debugging, the customer needs to provide air tickets, travel expenses, etc., our company will arrange technical personnel to go abroad to debug.



Quality inspection

The quality of our inspection weigher is strictly controlled. After the finished product, we need more than 100 times of product test at 3 points to reach the precision before it leaves the factory.

Shanghai pragmatic weight balance scale body adopts special shockproof cushioning materials, aviation aluminum, on the market a lot of USES is the structure of the stainless steel bending, processing is simple, low cost, the most important thing is that damping effect is bad, and aviation aluminum processing requires a much higher, the first is the need to cut, finish machining, sandblasting, oxidation, a small aluminum processing cost to hundreds of yuan, can only be within + / - 0.1 mm, and allowed error than the error will be scrapped, the cost is much higher, in order to ensure that products, more important is to work with us, of course, independently developed the optimization of the better system perfect combination, Long-term stability and service life, it is very important to every detail, the check weighing scale on the market appearance looks about the same, including the main accessories also were similar, but the structure details and independent system and the main structure can't be copied, we in the weighing platform, horizontal adjustment we use marble platform, each parts when assembly needs strict alignment, unqualified parts all can't use, with a lot of stainless steel bending is totally different. You can compare! Our drum do dynamic balance processing, internal error only allowed within 5 wire roller structure, more than is invalid, because the time long there will be a great error in the sound, affect the weighing, seemingly simple platform scale, the actual handling the details of our processing to the finished product is needed for a month or so, it is the middle process need to be strictly controlled, the details of the finished product after we have tested more than 100 times to three points accuracy to the factory.Shanghai Shigan manufacturer can provide the finished products of inspection and weighing, and also customize the products of inspection and weighing according to customers' requirements.


Pack and ship checkweigher

All products are subjected to rigorous testing and careful inspection before they are ready for shipment to ensure high accuracy and stability.Then, it is wrapped with a layer of plastic film and packed in wooden cases. Then, it is filled with foam for shock absorption to prevent collision in transit. Detailed installation instructions of the checkweigher and other materials will be put on the container.Of course, we can choose the mode of transportation according to the needs of customers, including sea transport, land transport, air transport we support.

checkweigher packing


checkweigher pack


checkweigher machine


checkweigher system


How about your delivery time?

Our delivery time is usually 15-20 working days after receiving the deposit, but in case of emergency, spare parts can be completed within 7 days.


Checkweigher: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find answers to all questions you may be having about checkweigher.

Let’s get started:


what an automatic checkweigher is?

Automatic checkweigher is a weighing instrument that automatically weighs discontinuous piece loads. It can perform real-time and comprehensive online weight detection of the weighed object according to the preset weight. It can remove unqualified products from the production process, send out an alarm signal, and timely feedback to the operator. Ensure that the upper and lower limits of the product weight are within the specified range.


Which industries do your use for high speed checkweigher?

Our inspection scales are mainly used in catering, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, transportation/logistics, chemicals, automotive, metal manufacturing and manufacturing industries.


What do you use checkweigher for?

The main function of Shanghai dry inspection weigher is to check whether the weight of the product is qualified, whether the parts in the package are missing, or whether the weight of the product is filed. Online weight testing has gradually become an indispensable link in modern industrial production, especially in the production process of food and medicine industries. During the transportation of the product, our inspection scale completes the measurement of the product weight and compares the measured weight with the predetermined range. The controller issues instructions to eliminate nonconforming products or to assign products of different weight ranges to designated areas.

It mainly used to check whether the product is overweight/underweight, whether the package is short of parts or instructions, etc.,and feedback information to filling or packaging equipment.

Ensure that the net content of the product conforms to the specification and requirements, save material cost, improve product quality and integrity, and avoid customer complaints.


How does checkweigher optimize the efficiency of my production line?

Increasing the output of the production line must be the goal of every manufacturer, and the main bottleneck of a production line is the quality inspection of the final delivery link. The efficiency of manual inspection is extremely low and the error is also large. Only by speeding up this link can it be possible to double the output. The checkweigher is designed and produced for this link. The checkweigher can comprehensively display data such as production quantity, total weight, effective weight, and excluding sorting weight on the assembly line, saving raw materials, manpower and time costs, and helping enterprises to realize information automation Manage, improve product quality, and create greater benefits!


How does checkweigher contribute to the overall process safety?

An effective and reliable product inspection system is available at Shanghai Solid Weight to reduce the risk of defective products and help manufacturers improve process safety. The Shanghai Operational Process Safety Suite offers a variety of solutions to meet the safety requirements of metal detectors, automatic check weighers and composite systems, and integrates the two technologies into a space-saving unit. These systems also provide product integrity checks to prevent unauthorized changes to inspection requirements, rejection checks, and fixing rejection boxes for defective products.


How can checkweighers help to avoid recalls in the pharmaceutical industry?

For the pharmaceutical industry, most medicines are fine products, but some unqualified products may flow to the market due to employee negligence and long-term fatigue, which will have an irreversible negative impact on pharmaceutical companies . But when there is an automatic checkweigher on the pharmaceutical production line, this is a boon for the pharmaceutical industry! The automatic checkweigher is a quality control link in the production line of pharmaceutical products. It is used to detect whether the weight of the drug in production is qualified, and whether there is a light/heavy product in the product, empty boxes/empty bottles/empty packages, and effective solutions /Lack of manuals, etc., greatly improve product quality and prevent substandard products from flowing into the hands of consumers.


What are the components of your checkweigher?

The checkweigher is mainly composed of conveyor, load cell and display controller. The conveying device and the weighing device form a conveyor, which can weigh the items passing through the conveyor in an instant. And according to the types of goods to be weighed, different conveyor forms can be selected, such as belt conveyors, chain conveyors and roller conveyors. The weighing sensor is located under the conveyor (weighing platform). This part is also the core part of the checkweigher. The weighing sensor largely determines the quality of the checkweigher! Shanghai Shiqian's checkweighers all use German imported weighing sensors, which have the characteristics of high accuracy, strong stability, multiple repetitions and small errors! The function of the display device is that the signal from the symmetry sensor undergoes a series of unique algorithms to amplify and calculate the signal, and finally display the value of the weighing visually, and compare this value with the preset value to make a judgment , To signal underweight, qualified or overweight. At the same time, data statistics can be performed, such as the total number of weighed pieces, the number of underweight pieces, the number of qualified products and the number of overweight pieces.


What is the difference between your static and dynamic checkweigher?

The static checkweigher measures the weight of a stationary product. It is a labor-intensive process that requires manual weighing of the product, recording the result, and then taking out the product for the next weighing procedure. It requires more manual cooperation, and is mostly used for manual weighing of products or sample inspection. Although the accuracy of static checkweigher is high, the weighing speed is much slower than that of dynamic weighing scale.

On the contrary, the dynamic checkweigher measures the weight of the moving product, and performs rapid weighing during the product movement, and does not require manual intervention. It is a complex equipment with high technical content. The dynamic checkweigher can complete measurement, comparison, elimination, alarm, and feedback by itself, but the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher is slightly lower than that of the static weighing scale, and the speed is much faster. At present, the weighing accuracy of Shanghai Shigan dynamic checkweigher is as high as ±0.1g, and the maximum speed can reach 300pcs/min.

In the entire industry development process, static and dynamic checkweighers have always complemented each other. They are closely integrated with production and sales. When customers choose checkweighers, they should also choose according to their actual needs!


Benefits of Checkweigher?

The checkweigher can continuously detect the weight of the products on the production line, and can also classify the products according to the weight, with up to 16 zones. The checkweigher can also check the number of products. When checking the net weight of the product, it automatically removes overloaded and underweight products. To put it plainly, the automatic checkweigher is fully analog, which realizes information management, online monitoring of real-time data, saving labor costs, saving time, and increasing product output. And it can be connected to upstream, midstream and downstream equipment to detect unqualified products anytime and anywhere, and quickly and efficiently handle poor products; automatic checkweighers are cost-effective testing equipment that have a wide range of applications in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, Food, skin care products, small toys, hardware, chemical plants and other manufacturing industries; it provides a simple, efficient and economical solution for online checkweighing.


How does your checkweigher weigher ensure accuracy?

The basic methods and requirements to ensure the accuracy of dynamic checkweigher :

(1) to ensure the accuracy by ensuring the passing state of the tested product;

(2) to ensure the accuracy by improving the operating environment of the equipment;

(3) to ensure the accuracy by improving the production technology.

The specific method is as follows:

(1) Ensure the accuracy by ensuring the passing state of the tested product.

Due to the diversity of the tested products, the state of the weighing part of the tested object through the dynamic checking weigher has a great influence on the accuracy of the checking weigher. Before a batch of tested objects passes the check weigher, there must be a process of equidistant separation, and the distance must be large enough to a certain value. Ensure that the next product can only touch the weighing table after the previous product has completely left the weighing table, that is, ensure that only one tested object enters the weighing table at a time. This can create a speed difference with the previous conveying equipment by increasing the conveying speed of the inspection weigher, which will widen the distance between products to a certain extent and ensure the weighing requirements of the inspection weigher. The stability of the tested product on the weighing table is also an important factor affecting the accuracy. The smooth transition must be guaranteed when the tested product enters the weighing part through the import conveyor. First of all, the speed of the imported conveyor should be adjusted to the same as that of the weighing table conveyor, and the speed difference should be minimized as far as possible, so as to ensure the smooth transition of the tested product when it passes the connecting position. In addition, due to the various appearance of the tested object, if the center of gravity is too high or the area of the bottom touching the table is too small, tilt, jump and other conditions may occur when passing the connection position, causing the vibration of the weighing table and affecting the accuracy. In this case, a transition device can be added at the connecting position of the conveyor, such as a transition slide plate, a transition ball plate, etc.

Another important factor that affects the precision of dynamic check weigher is the delivery speed of the tested product. From the point of view of production operations, in order to improve production efficiency, it is always desirable to speed up the production line as much as possible. But for the dynamic checking weigher, the contradiction between speed and precision always exists, the faster speed means the more difficult to ensure the accuracy. The residence time (effective weighing time) of the tested product in the weighing part shall reach a certain length, which must meet the requirements of the instrument controller on the number of sampling points of the weighing sensor signal. If the signal sampling time is too short and the number of sampling points is too low, the instrument controller cannot calculate the accurate arithmetic mean value and guarantee the accuracy of weighing results. The conveying speed can be appropriately reduced, or the length of weighing table can be appropriately increased within the allowable range, and the weighing time can be increased to ensure that the minimum number of sampling points of the instrument controller can be met. On this basis, accurate calculation can ensure the weighing accuracy to a certain extent.


(2) Ensure the accuracy by improving the operating environment of the equipment

Dynamic check weigher is a kind of high-precision recheck equipment, usually the weight value of the tested object is very small, and the weighing accuracy will be sensitive in the state of high-speed operation, affected by many environmental factors. Such as ambient temperature, humidity, electrostatic induction, radio frequency interference, ground vibration, air flow, etc. Therefore, the use environment of dynamic check weigher is also the key factor to ensure the accuracy. First of all, we should try our best to put the dynamic check weigher in the working environment with appropriate and constant temperature and humidity to avoid the unstable and irregular changes of various indicators. If necessary, an electric heating device can be added to the module of the weighing sensor, which can directly control the working environment of the weighing sensor.

Electrical equipment should be well grounded, reduce electrostatic induction, away from strong radiation, avoid wireless electromagnetic interference. The air flow will also have a certain influence on the precision of the dynamic check weigher. It is better to install the equipment in the workshop to avoid wind and add a windshield at the weighing position, which can effectively improve the stability of the equipment operation.


(3) Improve the production technology to ensure the accuracy

The working state of the dynamic weight loss scale is to be weighed under the condition of high speed operation, which puts forward higher stability requirements for the conveying equipment involved in weighing. Therefore, the conveying mechanism of the weighing part must minimize the noise and vibration during operation, which requires static balance and dynamic balance experiments on the driving drum and driven drum of the conveyor before assembly. The experiment needs to be repeated, and the weight of the drum is modified until the deviation value is reduced to the design requirements. This is also the key factor to ensure the weighing accuracy.

Weighing sensor is the core component of dynamic weighing scale, and strain gauge sensor is the most common one in industrial applications. This is a kind of sensor which USES resistance strain gauge to transform strain into resistance change. It is widely used in various fields of weighing. However, with the development of science and technology, the electromagnetic compensation sensor and other new equipment with higher scientific and technological content have appeared in the sensor used by dynamic check weigher. How the electromagnetic compensation sensor works: When a weight is placed on the scale, the balance of the system will be broken. At this point, the displacement sensor will output a position change signal to the current regulator, which will adjust the output current in time so that the current flowing through the wire increases until the electromagnetic force generated by it cancels out with the gravity of the weight. Electromagnetic compensation sensor is characterized by faster response speed and higher accuracy.

The removing part and sorting part are also important parts of dynamic checking weigher. In the process of online work, the detection of substandard or different weight levels of products need to be the shortest possible time accurate and rapid response. The vibration caused by too fast mechanical action or too much force will affect the weighing accuracy of the check weigher. We can separate the excluded or sorted rack from the overall rack of the check weigher, and fix the distance between it and the check weigher by a soft connection, so as to minimize the impact of vibration on accuracy caused by mechanical motion impact.

The above is the Shanghai practical inspection weigher according to many years engaged in dynamic inspection weigher related design practice, through continuous learning and experience accumulation, talk about some of their own views, improper, please colleagues and experts teacher criticism.


How do checkweigher scales work?

Our Checkweigher is generally made up of weighing conveyor, controller and inlet and outlet conveyor. The weight conveyor completes the collection of the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the controller for processing. Feed conveyor mainly improve the speed, to ensure that there is enough space between the products. The unloading conveyor is used to remove the tested product from the weighing area.


The working process of our inspection weigher is as follows:

Weigh the product into the feed conveyor, set the speed of the feed conveyor, and determine the speed of the feed conveyor according to the distance between the product and the required speed.

To ensure that only one product is on the scale during its operation.

Weighing Process When the product enters the weighing conveyor, the system is based on external signals, such as photoelectric switch letters, Numbers, or internal level signals, identify the product to be tested and enter the weighing area.

Depending on the running speed and length of the weighing conveyor, or on the level signal, the system can determine when the product leaves the weighing conveyor. From the moment the product enters the scale to the moment it leaves it, the weighing sensor will detect the signal shown in the figure below. The controller stabilizes the agricultural area to be processed by selecting the signalWeight of product.

In the sorting process, when the controller gets the weight signal of the product, the system will be compared with the predetermined weight range, the product will be sorted and the sorting type will vary according to the application. There are the following types :

1) weed out unqualified products,

2) weed out overweight and underweight products, respectively, or ship them to different places.

3) The feedback scale can be divided into different weight categories according to different weight ranges and has the function of weight signal feedback. In general, feed back the average weight of a set number of products

Controller for packing/filling/filling machine. The controller dynamically adjusts the feed to bring the average weight of the product closer to the target value. In addition to the feedback function, the scale can also provide rich reporting functions, including the amount of packaging in each region, the total amount of each region, the qualified amount, the qualified amount, the mean value, the standard deviation, and the total and accumulated amount. Online testing scales can be used in various industries,

Such as a variety of food, medicine, chemical, beverage, plastic, rubber and other industries. It is mainly used for the following occasions: final inspection of product weight. Reinspection of product weight at the last step of product production to eliminate nonconforming products to ensure that the weight of ex-factory products meets the requirements. 2. This is conducive to protecting the interests of consumers and manufacturers. Consumers will not suffer from a lack of customers, the manufacturer will not be damaged by customer complaints or even complaints. 2. Feedback control Automatic check weigher can not only provide product weight signal and exclude unqualified products, but also output feedback according to the difference between average weight and nominal weight. 


What Is The Importance Of Checkweigher Scale

In our daily production, many products are made one by one, and the outer packaging of the product needs to indicate the net weight and other information. In the past, we have also heard the news that many products were complained by users due to insufficient weight Read More...


How To Ensure The Measurement Accuracy Of The Dynamic Checkweigher?

The automatic checkweigher can read the weight of products on the inspection production line at high speed and dynamically, and can continuously detect the products with unqualified weight in the production line, and perform up and down line discrimination or automatic weight classification according to the preset value, especially suitable for packaging products and checking for missing parts. The packaged products are weighed and tested by the checkweigher, and the qualified ones are returned to the original conveyor belt, and the unqualified ones are rejected (or alarmed and stopped), and it has the functions of classifying and counting the products according to the settings.



How To Calibrate Checkweigher?

Nowadays, the checkweigher is an indispensable part of the automated production line, and its accuracy is particularly important for the first-class operation of the production line. It is a dynamic weighing device on a high-speed production line. The automatic checkweigher realizes high-precision weight detection, and regularly removes products that are too light or too heavy and no longer meet the production requirements.



How To Choose An Automatic Checkweigher Machine Manufacturer?

The advantages of the dynamic checkweigher are known to companies that have used it. Its high accuracy and speed are never achieved by manual weighing, and the cost is far lower than manual weighing. 

At present, the number of manufacturers producing dynamic checkweighers is increasing, the prices on the market are uneven, and customers are misled by relatively low prices. 

If you are not careful, you may buy checkweighers that do not meet the standard. Any product production has certain basic standards. To check whether the selected dynamic checkweigher meets the relevant production standards and whether it has a certificate. 

If not, it may not meet the production standards of relevant national departments. From the appearance, the automatic checkweigher of each company is similar, and there is no difference. Although the appearance is similar, the configuration inside is very different. When buying an automatic checkweigher, you must start from these major aspects.



Working Principle Of Online Checkweigher

The online checkweigher is a medium-low-speed, high precision online checkweighing equipment, which can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used for online inspection of product weights, whether there are missing parts in the packaging or product weight archives.Online checkweighing has gradually become an indispensable link in modern industrial production, especially in the production process of food and pharmaceutical industries. 


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