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SG-150 Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

Shanghai Shigan designed a high speed, high precision dynamic checkweigher specifically for the pharmaceutical industry standards, using unique weighing technology to control the quality of the products in the packaging during the pharmaceutical production process to meet the most stringent product quality control requirements.


Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

Shanghai Shigan designed a high speed, high precision dynamic checkweigher specifically for the pharmaceutical industry standards, using unique weighing technology to control the quality of the products in the packaging during the pharmaceutical production process to meet the most stringent product quality control requirements.


The checkweigher solution launched for the pharmaceutical industry has accurate and reliable weighing data, the fastest speed can reach 150 pieces/minute, and the best accuracy can reach ±0.1g, which minimizes the overweight or underweight situation of packaged products. Save costs for you and protect your brand. The pharmaceutical checkweigher developed by our company not only includes basic underweight/overweight detection, but also includes opening detection, which can automatically remove unpackaged products. According to the actual problems that may occur, the unqualified products can be sorted separately through computer control in advance. The pharmaceutical checkweigher uses a food-grade conveyor belt to prevent product contamination. The modular design is easy to use and easy to clean.


Technical Parameters


Weighing Range3-500g

Limited of productL: 200  W:150  H: 3-200mm

Accuracy±0.1g Depends on product

Division Scale 0.1g

Belt Speed0- 65 m/min

Max Speed 150 pcs/min

Belt Width150mm

Machine Weight60kg

Power SupplyAC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ


Main MaterialSU304 stainless steel

Main Advantage

1. The weighing sensor imported from Germany is adopted to ensure the high precision and high speed of the automatic checkweigher.

2. Hygienic design and in-situ cleaning design. The whole machine adopts military aluminum and stainless steel materials. The smooth surface prevents and reduces the risk of product blockage. It covers a small area and completes routine sanitary cleaning within 5 minutes.

3. Convenient maintenance. Conveyors and belts can be replaced quickly. Maintenance personnel can replace belts or main electronic modules without tools through simple training. Most of the maintenance work is completed within 30 minutes.

4. Digital display, large-size color LCD touch screen interface, simple operation and intuitive display. Parameter settings are password protected and only operated by managers.

5. Reliability, hard work and independent research and development of the software system, eliminating the influence of the surrounding environment, to achieve the best performance. Compared with the previous checkweigher, it has better accuracy at a higher speed. Automatic zero tracking system to ensure reliable detection data.

6. Simple to use, support multiple languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etc. (customer specified), the default is Chinese and English.

7. Strong versatility, wide application of pharmaceutical checkweigher, can store 200 kinds of product inspection data, convenient for users to call.

8. Flexible rejection methods: lever type, air blow type, roller push rod type, belt push rod type, drop type, flap type, belt shrink type.

9. OEM integration: Customize personalized checkweigher solutions according to your different needs.


Core competence:High precision and high speed

General medicines go through a strict manufacturing process before leaving the factory, and online inspection and packaging of each capsule, each tablet, and each box can reach consumers safely and accurately; then the weight of the medicine package, medicine box, and medicine bottle during the production process.Whether it is qualified or not, this requires high precision to complete online automatic detection. A pill itself is very light, only a few tenths of a gram, and the drug checkweigher developed and produced by our company can maintain a high-speed detection of 150pcs/min with an accuracy of ±0.1g(accuracy can reach 0.01g under special requirements).The drug checkweigher ensures that there is no shortage of tablets/bags/boxes in the market, which greatly improves production efficiency. The drug checkweigher is a good helper for the production line.


Customized service

The effective and reliable product inspection system greatly reduces the rate of delivery of unqualified products. Our company also provides intimate private customized services. Products with different packaging are suitable for rejection methods, for example; push plate type is suitable for bagged products; air blow type is suitable Small gram boxed medicines; the drive rod type is suitable for bottled, aerosol products, etc.; the checkweigher access method is also different, the product does not need to be connected to the guide rail, and the metal foreign body detection is not required after the weight screening. To improve product quality and other issues, Shanghai Shigan can provide efficient pharmaceutical checkweigher solutions, personalized customization to solve your actual production problems.


Application occasion

1. Boxed medicines: less board / less grain / less instructions / less accessories, underweight and overweight detection, etc.

2. Bagged granulated medicines: automatic rejection of small amount/empty bag/small bag of Chinese patent medicine/automatic weighing and inspection, etc.

3. Bottled drugs: less granules/less gaskets/less desiccant, underweight and overweight detection, etc.

4. Detect the whole box of medicines: overweight/ultralight/missing parts/missing bottles/missing supplies/automatically reject unqualified products.

After Sale Serivice

Based on the spirit of high-quality, high-quality service and development, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd solemnly promises you with the concept of high-quality products at reasonable prices, considerate service and the principles of responsibility and openness:


1. The product is issued with an inspection certificate and an appropriate amount of instructions to ensure that users can use our products correctly.


2. Our company guarantees that all products that leave the factory are produced and inspected in accordance with relevant national standards, and that unqualified products will never leave the factory. Guarantee to strictly fulfill and honor the three guarantees of products, and strictly implement the relevant national industrial product after-sales service regulations. For the factory products within 18 months from the date of shipment or within 12 months of product installation (whichever comes first) It can be verified that the product is installed and used correctly according to the method recommended by the company; it can be verified that the product itself has a design, material or processing defect, and a written application is submitted to the company. The company will recall the defective product for free for repair, replacement or press Full refund of the order price.


Third, the user raises an objection to the quality of our company's products, and the company guarantees to make a handling opinion within 24 hours after receiving the objection from the user. If it needs to be solved on-site, ensure that professional technical service personnel are dispatched, and the service personnel will not be evacuated if the quality problem is not solved. Our company will archive the product quality problems and treatment results of each user feedback.


4. Under any circumstance, the company will not be responsible for labor, materials, equipment, engineering or other related costs caused by the repair or replacement of defective products. The company’s promise of after-sales service for this product can replace other express or implied product quality guarantees, and can be regarded as the buyer’s compensation and the seller’s responsibility.


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