• Roller Scale Match Temperature Sensitive Printer

    Our company's roller scale can be connected to a temperature-sensitive printer with a print size of 57* for 50mm. The printed parameters can be designed according to requirements, such as...
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  • Static Roller Scale

    Static Roller Scale Features: 1, Upper and lower setting , Upper and lower alarm scale , the sound and light warning light alarm When beyond or below. 2, Can be connected to the computer with...
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  • Automatic Multihead Weigher Packaging Machine

    Automatic multihead weigher packaging machine is used more on the assembly line and is usually used with a set of equipment. Automatic Multihead Weigher Packaging Machine Including: SG-520...
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  • Digital Multi Head Weigher

    Digital Multi Head Weigher Main Features: The most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer; Circle dump avoid materials drops together to avoid break and pile up; 10.1 inch touch...
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  • Multihead Weigher For Fruit

    The multihead weigher for fruit is specially used for the weighing of fruits. It can be weighed at the same time in large quantities, with high speed and high precision.
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  • Multihead Weigher For Meat

    The multihead weigher for meat is specially designed for the weighing of frozen fish, frozen dumplings, dumplings and other frozen foods. Multihead Weigher For Meat Features: 1. High-precision,...
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