Our company's checkweigher has high weighing accuracy and fast speed, and tests 100 times of error of 0.01 grams.

The weight of the checkweigher corresponds to different models. The medical products adopt SG-100 checkweigher and adopt the air blown elimination method. The daily chemical products adopt SG-150 checkweigher and adopt the push plate rejection method; the aquatic products adopt SG-D220 checkweigher,adopt multi-stage sorting and rejecting method; agricultural and sideline products adopt SG-220 checkweigher, adopting push-plate rejection method; for detecting large boxes, SG-450, SG-550 checkweigher can be used; The SG-150P checkweigher is specially used for the detection of bottled beverages; test mask special use SG-220UH checkweigher;

Checkweigher can also be customized according to your requirements.

  • Weight Sorting Machine

    The weight sorting machine is a multi-stage sorting scale, which is specially used to detect seafood products and aquatic products. It is a very popular product of our company.
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  • Automatic Checkweigher

    The automatic checkweigher is a checkweigher with automatic culling function. It has a large display, Chinese and English interface, and can also be equipped with various interfaces. The automatic checkweigher weighs the speed block with high precision and has recently been...
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  • 4-channel Checkweigher

    The 4-channel checkweigher is a checkweigher designed and developed by our company. Compared with the previous checkweigher, this one is even more powerful. This checkweigher is designed with 4 units, and weighs the speed block with high precision and high cost performance.
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  • Metal Detector Checkweigher Combo

    Metal Detector Checkweigher Combo, as the name suggests, first use metal detector to detect whether the food contains metal and other unqualified substances, and then use the checkweigher to detect, the weight of the unqualified products will be automatically removed, the...
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