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SG-150H Bottled Checkweigher

The bottled checkweigher can accurately identify quality abnormalities such as net weight underweight and overweight, missing packaging accessories, missing parts in product quantity, etc., and can be well embedded in the production line for automatic weighing detection. The front end can be equipped with different feeding equipment to effectively improve the work efficiency of automated production line.


Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. bottled online checkweigher adopts German imported HBM weighing sensor and a unique dynamic weighing algorithm, which can accurately identify product unqualified conditions while ensuring smooth detection of each product, and automatically remove NG products from the production line exclude. Bottled online checkweigher has become a key equipment for online weight detection of bottled/canned/canned products.


Bottled checkweighers are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, health products, hardware, daily necessities, chemicals, light industry, cosmetics and other industries, suitable for all kinds of products that are easy to pour in bottles, cans, etc.



Bottled checkweigher solution

The bottled checkweigher can ensure that the product will not fall under extremely high operating conditions. This series of checkweighers are especially designed for round or square bottles with small diameters and heights greater than the diameter of the bottle body, which provides powerful use for high-speed bottled production lines.

Some customer cases:

50g bottled medicine checkweigher

200g canned instant noodle checkweigher

Spray drop dynamic checkweigher

Washing and nursing checkweigher

Syrup online checkweigher

Chemical bottling checkweigher

In view of the characteristics of bottled/canned products, in order to prevent the bottled products from being damaged, our company has specially installed guardrails in the buffer weighing section to prevent unnecessary accidents. Optional accessories for buffer weighing stage are

1. Front rail

2. Clamping conveyor

3. Spiral feeding guide

4. The whole box of bottled products can add rollers


Features of bottled high precision checkweigher

1. Weighing and sorting technology: domestic sorting accuracy is ±0.1g, sorting speed is 160 times/min.

2. Accurate product sorting function: digital weighing unit and zero point automatic analysis, provide production trend feedback signals, adjust the packaging accuracy of upstream packaging machines, and reduce costs.

3. Powerful data traceability function: inquiry and printing of unqualified products, statistical charts such as histograms and yield charts can be generated during the sorting process, and a built-in data transmission system is convenient for production control.

4. Domestic market share: Whether it is the scope of industry application or customer groups, Dongguan Shanan has always maintained the industry and has comprehensive application experience and technology accumulation.

5. Comprehensive operation yield: Weighing detection and sorting action is flexible in the industry, stable operation, with power-off data storage and fault self-checking alarm function.

6. Humanized design and easy to operate: 10-inch color touch screen operation interface, which can store 100 varieties, flexible sorting and switching, realizing non-stop switching products; modular design, conveyor belt buckle design, easy maintenance and cleaning.

7. The domestic shunt rejection device prevents the product from falling down and spilling the material during the sorting process, and ensures the integrity of the test object.

8. In-depth development and customization, supporting integration capabilities: various applicable solutions can be customized to meet the requirements of different products and different environments, and are connected to metal detectors, packaging machines and other equipment.


Technical Parameters

Specification parameter


Weighing Range3-500g

Limited of productL: 100  W:150  H: 3-150mm

Accuracy±0.1g Depends on product

Division Scale 0.1g

Belt Speed0- 90 m/min

Max Speed 160 pcs/min

Belt Width150mm

Machine Weight60kg

Power SupplyAC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ


Main MaterialSU304 stainless steel


Transaction process

1. If the customer puts forward the requirements, our company will have professional and technical personnel to carefully check each parameter with the customer, and develop an efficient online dynamic checkweigher solution for the customer.

2. After the plan is determined, the designer makes a design drawing.

3. The skilled workers in the factory manufacture in strict accordance with the design drawings, and each link in the manufacturing process has special quality control personnel to check at any time

4. After the manufacturing is completed, not only the quality control inspection must be carried out before leaving the factory, but also the various parameters must be checked. The accuracy and speed are not less than 100 tests.

5. Pack and ship. Cover it with plastic film, put it in a wooden box, fill it with shock-absorbing material, and seal it. Ship to the customer according to the agreed transportation method. And along the way, there is a dedicated person responsible for tracking delivery information and timely feedback.

6. We have someone responsible for remotely helping customers install and debug the checkweigher until the machine runs normally.

Our Service


Based on the spirit of pursuing high-quality products and customer satisfaction, Shanghai Shigan Company solemnly promises you with the principles of preferential prices, considerate service and reliable product quality.


1.Product quality commitment:

(1). The manufacturing and testing of products have quality records and testing data.

(2). For product performance testing, we sincerely invite users to inspect the product in person during the whole process and performance, and then pack and ship the product after it is confirmed to be qualified.


2. Product price commitment:

(1). Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely provide you with preferential prices on the basis of not reducing product technical performance or changing product components.


3. Delivery time commitment:

(1). Product delivery time: try to meet user requirements, if there are special requirements, need to be completed in advance, and strive to meet user needs.


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