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SG-100 Small Bag Packing Checkweigher

The small bag checkweigher has high flexibility, fast and accurate weight collection and easy integration of existing transmission equipment. It is mainly for weighing small packages/small boxes/vial products, or sorting whether there are leaking parts in small bags, such as Overweight or lack of weight, the system will automatically reject.


Small bag packaging checkweigher provides automatic checkweigher machine and packaging product weighing detection solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries, suitable for missing parts detection, missing packaging detection, and net content unqualified detection; online automatic rejection of unqualified products and comprehensively improve production quality. At the same time, our company can provide customized automatic weighing and testing equipment and other automatic mechanical equipment according to user production and application environment requirements.



SG-100 automatic checkweigher is a high precision and high speed weight sorting checkweigher developed by our company for lighter packaging products with a net content of less than 500g. It can meet the requirements of high demand and high standard applications!There are no restrictions on packaging types and shapes, whether it is bag, box, pouche,carton or bottle type, it can be well tested!



Advantages of Small Bag Checkweigher

1. Precision

Imported high-speed weighing modules and weight sensors can be used to ensure the accuracy of calibration.

2. Structure

Simple to comply with GMP and HACCP standards, all stainless steel manufacturing, simple structure, easy to maintain and maintain.

3. Convenient operation

Adopt Schneider touch screen, simple operation, intuitive display, support multiple languages (default Chinese and English).

4. Convenient external connection

It can be connected with other equipment in the production line, such as printers, labelers and inkjet printers (customized).

5. Wide range of applications

It is suitable for checking the weight of packaging bags and filling packaging. There are a variety of rejection methods to choose from (pull, blow, push can, etc.).

6. Automatic feedback function

The signal is provided to the front end, and the packaging accuracy is fed back in time to adjust the feeding status of the connected equipment.


Speed parameters of small packing checkweigher

Type  SG-100

Weighing Range  2-300g

Limited of product  L: 100  W: 100  H: 2-150mm

Accuracy  ±0.5g Depends on product

Division Scale   0.01g

Belt Speed0   80 m/min

Max Speed 300 pcs/min

Belt Width  100mm

Machine Weight  60kg

Power Supply  AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

Power  100W

Main Material SU304 stainless steel



Weight sorting checkweigher options and accessories:

We provide customized services and help you customize suitable weighing and packaging solutions according to your requirements and specific circumstances.

1.Sorting or rejection device

Our company provides 5 rejection methods for you to choose:

Panel Tumover Type: Suitable for small bag packaging, and the thickness is not more than 10mm.

Air-sweeping Type:Use airflow to automatically reject unqualified products, suitable for boxes, products below 200g.

Dropped Type:Suitable for fragile and fragile products, all kinds of packaging are available, and are not limited by the shape, such as bottled, bagged, boxed, etc.

Push Type:Applicable to most packaging products, this rejection method is also the most common and the most widely used.

Driving Lever Type:Mostly used in bottled products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.

2.Front conveyor.

According to product needs, a checkweigher conveyor can be selected to connect the product to the checkweigher better and faster, and improve efficiency.


3.External interface: 

RS232/RS422/RS485, USB, voltage signal or switch signal, TCP/IP

4.Online printer

5.Back-end printer




Warranty period

(A) Standard twelve (12) months from the date of delivery (excluding wearing parts and man-made parts); If you need a longer warranty period, please contact our sales staff. During the warranty period, we provide new replacement parts free of charge. 

(B) During the warranty period, we will also provide spare parts and technical support, and help customers solve problems; if parts need to be replaced, we will charge for parts


If you have any needs in this regard, you can click online communication or send us an email. Explain to our company the condition of the tested materials (size, material, etc.), expected output, etc., so as to provide you with suitable models. If there are any other technical requirements, we will try our best to resolve them. We sincerely look forward to having a happy cooperation with your company! You are welcome to visit our company and negotiate! Believe that our service will make you satisfied.



Collection of related questions about small package checkweighers



What are the outstanding advantages of small package checkweighers?

Our small package checkweigher is suitable for boxed/bagged/bottled/canned products, and is not limited by the packaging material, and various shapes can also be accurately checked. Our automatic checkweighers all use German imported weighing sensors, and the highest accuracy can reach ±0.01g, 300pcs/min.



What are the reasons that affect the accuracy of small packing checkweigher?

Please see below, the reasons that affect the accuracy of the automatic checkweigher can be divided into the following eight points:

1.Air flow: such as fans, air conditioners, wind blowing in the workshop, etc.

2.Ground vibration: due to the large noise in the workshop and frequent machine operation, the ground vibration

3.Temperature: general high temperature, low temperature, humidity, extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of the automatic checkweigher

4.Electrostatic induction: static electricity will be generated when charged objects or dust approach metal objects

5.Radio frequency interference: various radio frequency interference checkweighers.

6.The product being tested is corrosive: only a corrosive automatic checkweigher can be customized

7.The product has omissions: for example, the packaging box is not tightly sealed, resulting in omissions

8.Human use error: Among them, improper use in the production process has the greatest impact on the accuracy of the automatic checkweigher, and even damages the automatic checkweigher. The most easily damaged is the load cell.


How to install a new automatic bagged checkweigher?

(A) Most of our machines do not require our engineers to visit the customer’s installation factors. In this case, just refer to our user manual to install the machine; if you have any questions, you can consult our professional engineers, They will provide you with guidance through pictures, videos, online chats, etc. to guide you in the operation. 

(B) For some complex machinery, customers can arrange their engineers to come to us to train the factory before delivering the machine; or ask our engineers to go to your factory for installation, but you must bear all travel expenses, including board and lodging Fees, round-trip air tickets and daily labor wages


Why the high precision bagged checkweighers need customized ?

Because checkweigher is a high precision, high speed online checkweighing equipment, the German HBM high-precision sensor is selected to achieve high-precision dynamic detection of product weight. For automated weighing equipment, they are customized according to the products to be tested, and only high-precision online checkweighers are selected for products with high quality requirements, because its configuration is different, and the customized price is also different.


What is the price of the small bag checkweigher?

Our machine prices are based on reasonable prices; because we must first ensure that the machine is of good quality, the machine parts used should also be of good quality, and the cost of design and manufacturing costs are also very different. Please contact our sales department for special prices.



How does the small package checkweigher save production data?

SHIGAN high speed checkweigher has a variety of data output interfaces and transmission methods, I believe there must be one that can meet your requirements. At the same time, our self-developed software system options have very powerful quality statistical control functions. At the same time, maximum service can help you complete equipment certification and quality management.



The small bag checkweigher and which equipment can be connected to maximize the benefits?

1. Combination of checkweigher and metal detector.This combination is one of the most commonly used combinations in food companies. The weight detection and metal detection are completed under the same control screen, which effectively reduces repetitive operations and improves work efficiency.

2. Combination of checkweigher, inkjet printer and labeling machine: The combination of weight scale and coding is especially suitable for meat production companies. The weight of the product can be directly printed on the product packaging or printed labels, which can effectively reduce repeated operations and save packaging costs for the company.

3. The combination of checkweigher and packaging machine: This combination is based on the feedback control system of the checkweigher, which can continuously adjust the accuracy of the packaging machine's feeding on-line, effectively avoiding the loss caused by the previous adjustment of the filling volume of the packaging machine that must be stopped.

4. Combination of checkweigher and bar code reader: When companies continue to add production lines to detect different products on an automatic checkweigher, a bar code reader needs to be added. The bar code reader provides the standard weight of the product and the upper and lower limits of the product weight for automatic checkweighing The scale makes a judgment. At present, this type of combination has broken through the food production field and has been widely used in other production fields.


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