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How To Choose An Automatic Checkweigher Machine Manufacturer?

Jul 01,2022

The advantages of the dynamic checkweigher are known to companies that have used it. Its high accuracy and speed are never achieved by manual weighing, and the cost is far lower than manual weighing. 


At present, the number of manufacturers producing dynamic checkweighers is increasing, the prices on the market are uneven, and customers are misled by relatively low prices. 


If you are not careful, you may buy checkweighers that do not meet the standard. Any product production has certain basic standards. To check whether the selected dynamic checkweigher meets the relevant production standards and whether it has a certificate. 


If not, it may not meet the production standards of relevant national departments. From the appearance, the automatic checkweigher of each company is similar, and there is no difference. Although the appearance is similar, the configuration inside is very different. When buying an automatic checkweigher, you must start from these major aspects.


We can judge the quality of the load cell from the following aspects:

(1). Safety limit load and limit overload of the automatic checkweigher: the maximum axial load that can be applied to the load cell. At this moment, the function characteristics of the load cell will not cause permanent drift beyond the rule value. When the operation exceeds this value, the sensor will be damaged.

(2). Load cell measurement range: the range of the measured mass, the measurement result will not exceed the maximum allowable error within this range.

(3). Automatic checkweigher weighing sensor indexing value: the size of one part after the measuring range of the weighing sensor is divided equally

(4). Graduation value of weighing sensor verification: In order to classify accurately, the weighing sensor indexing value expressed in mass units is selected in the weighing sensor test.

(5). Load cell output: the measured mass is measurable obtained by the conversion of the load cell.

(6). The minimum verification division value of the weighing sensor of the automatic checkweigher: the minimum verification division value of the weighing sensor's measuring range that can be indexed.

(7). Non-linearity: characterizes the accuracy level of the corresponding relationship between the output voltage signal of the sensor and the load, specifically the tendency of the calibration curve and the theoretical straight line of the weighing sensor process of the automatic checkweigher.


When checking the accuracy, especially the manufacturing of weighing platform quality, first of all, it is necessary to accurately judge the quality of a weighing equipment. When users use it, they can try to be smooth. The design users on the operating keys also need to check whether they can meet their own needs. Covering up will cause damage to the internal parts and check the clarity of the display. There must be very strict standards in the design and when weighing objects. Whether the data is shaking, etc., and whether the sensor design is strict, resulting in instability or errors in the weighing data.


2. Material

High quality checkweighers require high-quality raw materials, and each link of production must be checked by professional quality supervisors. Different use environments also have a great impact on the service life of checkweighers. 


Waterproof Anti-fouling is already a basic function, and it also has the function of shockproof and shock absorption to minimize measurement errors. Therefore, the general stainless steel checkweigher is not as good as the aviation aluminum checkweigher! I don’t need to say more about stainless steel material. I believe everyone is familiar with this material. Many checkweighers on the market are made of stainless steel bending structure. The processing is relatively simple and the cost is low. The most important thing is that the shock absorption effect is not ideal. 


The aviation aluminum material is a special shock-proof and shock-absorbing material, but the processing requirements for aviation aluminum parts are much higher. First of all, cutting, finishing, sandblasting, and oxidation are required. The processing cost of a small aluminum part is very high. And the allowable error can only be within ±0.1mm, if the error is exceeded, it will be invalidated, in order to ensure the shock absorption effect of the product. When the finished product is shipped, it needs to be tested for many times before it is ok.


3.The manufacturer of the checkweigher

Before we buy a checkweigher, we must first understand the strength of the manufacturer. It is best to choose some manufacturers that specialize in the production of checkweighers. Because of their expertise, they will tell you how to choose the applicable model and product, and their after-sales service is also guaranteed. To avoid failures that cannot be dealt with in time and affect production efficiency. 


Automatic checkweigher is a kind of high-tech equipment. Without strong strength, it will not be able to gain a foothold in the market, especially some manufacturers who can only imitate. It is difficult to reach high standards in technology. Whether the selected material is durable, whether the technology is professional, whether the after-sales service is perfect, whether the customer's evaluation of the brand is good or bad, the repurchase rate of products produced by the checkweigher brand, etc., can be used to identify whether a checkweigher brand is good or not. 


No strength! We need to be careful in this respect and Shanghai Shigan is a manufacturer of automatic checkweighers integrating R&D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. After years of research and development and production technology precipitation, the company has a number of utility model patents, weighing 1 gram to 100 kg. Our main products are automatic checkweighers, multi-stage sorting scales, metal detectors, etc. The stable and reliable weighing control system has won customers from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the United States, Chile, South Africa and many other countries.


In addition to the above three aspects, you also need to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections. After all, the automatic checkweigher is not a fast-moving consumer product, the price starts at 10,000, and it is a non-standard customized equipment.