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What Is The Importance Of Checkweigher Scale?

Jul 01,2022

In our daily production, many products are made one by one, and the outer packaging of the product needs to indicate the net weight and other information. In the past, we have also heard the news that many products were complained by users due to insufficient weight. 


What should the manufacturer do to make the weight of the packaged product meet the requirements?


The most primitive way is to hire workers at the end of the production line to place the products one by one on the electronic platform scale to check the weight of the packaging bag or box to see if the weight meets the requirements. After the weighing is finished, the products that pass the inspection can leave the factory, and the unqualified packaging bags or boxes are moved aside for processing. This method not only consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, but is also prone to a large number of errors, which will have a bad impact on the enterprise. 


In this case, the checkweigher was produced.The checkweigher is a high-accuracy automatic weighing scale, which has quickly been widely used in domestic and foreign production enterprises, and companies have abandoned the original manual weighing system. The method introduces the checkweigher, especially when some products in the industry enter the market in the form of bag or carton packaging, which highlights the importance of the checkweigher in the production line.

high-accuracy automatic checkweigher


Checkweigher is a high-accuracy quality classification automatic scale, according to the difference between the weight of the product and the target weight value, it can be subdivided into two or more categories. Its main application is to detect the weight of a single product in motion online in real time, and then use a rejecting device to separate unqualified products in the production line according to requirements or to sort products by weight. The checkweigher has efficient, intelligent and convenient weighing and screening equipment, and its use saves a lot of manpower and improves efficiency.


Improve accuracy and avoid missing parts

The main benefit of using a checkweigher on a production line is to save production costs. Produce a product with a precise weight value on the production line, so that the raw materials are not wasted and the process is not repeated. In many cases, the weighing requirements are extremely strict, and they directly determine whether the factory is profitable. For example, a checkweigher is used to eliminate waste in the packaging of medicines. The checkweigher can increase the work efficiency to 5,000 pounds per day, saving more than 39,600 US dollars a year.


Ensure product quality

Ensuring product quality is one of the most important functions of a checkweigher. The product to be weighed can be bagged, boxed, canned, bottled, etc., or it can be an accessory included in some products. The task of the dynamic checkweigher is to check the integrity of the product and remove incomplete products from the production process with sufficient measurement reliability. Integrity control can be used for individual packaging as well as final packaging for production lines such as cartons. In the quality management system, product weighing compliance is one of the primary standards for product quality requirements. Whether the product is qualified or defective, accurate and fast weighing and data transmission to the computer for statistical analysis are one of the key functions of quality control.


Multi-level classification

Among the above-mentioned checkweighers that can automatically reject unqualified products from the production line, only those that are classified as qualified or unqualified, and some weight values ??are accepted or rejected. In the actual application process, the checkweigher can also send products of different weight levels into different channels or collection containers, and then these channels or collection containers contain only products whose weight is within the previously defined weight range. Preset each weight interval before the checkweigher runs to classify the products by weight. This multi-level weight classification method is often widely used in food, seafood, frozen food, and medicine. For example, collection container No. 1 contains products weighing between 100g and 120g, collection container No. 2 only contains products weighing between 120g and 140g, and so on.

Multi-level weight sorting checkweigher machine

Meet regulatory requirements

Many countries have issued relevant regulations on product weight. Manufacturers who sell pre-packaged products with a uniform nominal weight to end users must ensure that the products put into circulation are not lower than certain nominal values. Compliance with this rule is the responsibility of such pre-packaged manufacturers. The use of a checkweigher helps to ensure that the product is weighed accurately, which is particularly important in the retail industry. Different countries have different regulatory agencies responsible for testing the weight of products. If the product is overweight or underweight, the regulatory agency can impose significant fines on the manufacturer. The use of checkweighers throughout the production process can ensure that this type of situation does not occur.


Provide accurate data and better process management

The checkweigher is an important part of the quality control process. Weigh the raw materials, then mix the ingredients, and then weigh the finished products, so that the entire production process can be effectively managed. They can identify which parts are working well and which need to be improved. Through the feedback control function in the checkweigher computer system, they can feed back to the production staff in time for adjustment.


Track productivity

Some checkweigher systems can also track operator output. This provides information to management, who measures, how long it takes, when to start, and when to complete. The system provides operable data and information to enable enterprises to improve production efficiency and processes.

checkweigher systems

The checkweigher can perform the following inspections:

Detect the weight of a single product: For example, in industries such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, a single product has specifications. For these specifications, the weight can be measured to determine whether the product meets the standard. The checkweigher can dynamically detect the weight of the product and responses to ensure the quality of products of different specifications.


Quantity of products to be tested: A single product is retail, and multiple products are wholesale. Different sales channels have different product packaging specifications. There are quantitative restrictions on the packaging of boxes, bags, and boxes. If the number is large, the manufacturer will suffer losses, and the customer will complain if the number is small. If you want to guarantee the number of product packaging, you need to use a checkweigher, which can monitor the number of product packaging and eliminate defective products in time.


Product quality inspection: In the quality management system, product weighing up to the standard is one of the main standards for product quality requirements, and the checkweigher is a weighing equipment that detects whether the product weight meets the standard, which can ensure the quality of the product.


Product safety testing: For some electrical appliances that use electricity, they are composed of many components, and one less component may have potential safety hazards. This problem can be found by using a weighing machine to detect the weight of the finished product, which can avoid the potential safety hazards of defective products entering the market.


Testing product packaging accessories: Many products are packaged with accessories, such as desiccant for food, instructions for pharmacy and cosmetics, and straws for beverages, etc. If these accessories are missing, it will cause unnecessary users Trouble, some products may have safety hazards. The dynamic checkweigher can detect the weight of the product, and can also detect whether the product lacks packaging accessories, so products with packaging accessories also need to be monitored by a checkweigher.