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Automatic Checkweigher Machine:The Ultimate Buying Guide

Jun 18,2022

With the help of a high-precision automatic checkweigher, you can effectively promote your business development. In this guide, you will understand nine aspects of checkweighers: types, working principles, functions, etc., so that you can better choose reliable checkweighers. Read on for more product information...


What is an automatic checkweigher?

As a common weighing instrument, the automatic checkweigher adopts continuous dynamic automatic weighing method to detect the weight of items, and is equipped with an automatic sorting mechanism to realize high speed and high precision weight detection and sorting on the assembly line. It has played a vital role in the development of modern enterprises. Partitions are carried out according to the weight that meets the requirements of customers, so that the labor cost of the sorting process can be reduced to a lower level and the production process can be optimized. It is commonly used in online high-speed packaging checkweighing applications in food, medicine, health care products, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries.


What are the main components of an automatic checkweigher?

Everyone knows that an automatic checkweigher is usually composed of a load cell, a photoelectric detection device, a measuring device, an operating touch screen, a rejection device, and an in-out conveyor.

1. Load cell

This is the core part of the checkweigher, and it is also an important part of measuring the quality and accuracy of a checkweigher. In the field of sensors, German HBM is recognized in the industry as a weighing sensor brand with stable structure, good quality and high precision. It is best to purchase checkweighers with German HBM sensors to ensure stability during work. , Accuracy!

2. The feeding conveyor is mainly used to increase the speed to ensure that there is sufficient spacing between products.

(1) Keep the same speed as the metering belt, and send the weighed object to the metering belt.

(2) It can prevent two weighed objects from entering at the same time


3. Photoelectric detection device of automatic checkweigher:

Check whether the weighed object has passed (Note: some weighing scales have two sets of front and rear)


4. Automatic checkweigher measuring device

(1) Structure description:

        a.Metering power belt

        b.Only allow one to be weighed to pass smoothly on the metering belt

        c.weighing unit

 (2) There are 3 types of supporting structures:

        a.Single sensor support type

        b.Dual sensor support type

        c.Four-point support scale desktop

(3) Function:

        a.Detect the weight of the weighed object on the measuring belt

        b.Some weighing unit structures have damping buffer devices

        c.Technical core: Zero point balance device


5. Automatic checkweigher operation touch screen

        The weighing display controller adopts Taiwan Weintek color touch display products, the operation and control of the equipment are simple and clear, the default language is English, and multiple languages can be switched at any time!


6. Automatic checkweigher rejection device

       Structure description:

       (1) Eliminate the power belt

       (2) Transporting the weighed object

       (3) Rejection device, with various structures (Panel tumover type*Air-sweeping type*Dropped type*Push type*Driving lever type)



The working principle of the checkweigher

         A device that divides the weighed objects into lighter, heavier, and appropriate levels according to the preset limit weight for classification and rejection. The discharge conveyor is used to transport the tested products out of the weighing area.



The working process of the checkweigher

1. Weighing preparation

Before weighing, first check whether there is a problem with the circuit and clean the checkweigher table. Then turn on the checkweigher switch, enter the operation page, enter the material information, set the standard weight, set the speed of the front conveyor belt, etc. (If there is relevant information before, you can directly select the group of material information in the panel).

2.Weighing process

When the product enters the weighing section, the system recognizes that the product to be tested enters the weighing area according to external signals, such as photoelectric switch signals, or internal level signals. According to the operating speed of the weighing section and the length of the conveyor, or according to the level signal, the system can determine the time when the product leaves the weighing area. From the product entering the weighing platform to leaving the weighing platform, the load cell will detect the signal, and the controller selects the signal in the signal stable area for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained.

3.Sorting/removal process

When the controller obtains the weight signal of the product, the system compares it with the preset weight range and sorts/rejects the product.



What are the types of checkweighers?

Now that you know the key structure, working principle and working process of the product, you can start from these places when purchasing. Then the product specifications are selected, but there are many types of checkweighers, and the technical parameters and accuracy requirements of different models are very different. The specifications of the tested products are also very different, and the models of different companies also inconsistent... Faced with so many choices, Shanghai Shigan recommends that you first choose from the weight of the item to be inspected and the required accuracy. When purchasing, you can ask the checkweigher supplier to provide a product parameter list that lists in detail The differences between the various models, such as the following :

With this table, you can intuitively choose the checkweigher that suits your actual needs. If you still have some questions, you can contact the professional technicians in Shanghai Shigan. You only need to tell us your requirements, our technicians. We will give you the best checkweigher solutions.


Which auxiliary machines can you integrate with checkweigher machines?

The inspection work of the assembly line is often not realized with a single machine of the checkweigher. To realize the increase in the number and role of the automatic checkweigher in the production process of the enterprise, the checkweigher has gradually shifted from pure weight detection. System integration of weight detection conversion. These integrated systems are:

1. The combination of automatic checkweigher and metal detector: the screen of the checkweigher provides a control system to control the metal detector, so that the weight detection and metal detection are completed under the same control screen, which effectively reduces repeated operations and improves Work efficiency

2. The combination of automatic checkweigher, inkjet printer and labeling machine: the weight of the product can be directly printed on the product packaging or printed label, saving packaging costs for the company.

3. The combination of automatic checkweigher and packaging machine: based on the feedback control of the checkweigher, and with this, the purpose of directly controlling the front-end packaging machine by the checkweigher.

4. Combination of checkweigher and barcode reader: different products can be detected on one checkweigher. The barcode reader provides information such as the standard weight of the product and the upper and lower limits of the product weight so that the automatic checkweigher can make a judgment.



Which industries does the automatic checkweigher provide?

Automatic checkweighers are also used more and more widely. The online inspection of packaging in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, toys, hardware, chemical and other industries all use online checkweighers. The main types of inspections are:

1. Net content inspection: single product (bag, box, package, bottle, can, etc.) weight inspection;


2. Package inspection: FCL/bag/package products are less loaded and missed;


3. Parts and accessories detection: product manuals, accessories and accessories missing installation and leakage detection;


4. Weight sorting: According to the different weight ranges set in advance, the sorting section can automatically sort products of different weight specifications to the corresponding weight grade area;




Why choose an automatic checkweigher?

1. The automatic checkweigher helps you effectively control costs!

The software system of the checkweigher monitors product quality in real time and feeds back the upstream and downstream production line equipment, effectively reducing waste.


2: Ensure 100% weight inspection

By using an online checkweigher, you can ensure that all products comply with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and refuse high fines.


3: Use automatic checkweigher feedback control to ensure effective filling volume!

The feedback control system is used to prevent overweight and underweight products by setting control points in the filling equipment, and adjust the filling volume accordingly. The checkweigher can directly control the filling equipment or complete automatic feedback control through the existing network system of the factory.


4: Save costs and increase product profits

An automatic checkweigher with a good precision setting can minimize product weight deviation, reduce waste, and ensure that more products can be produced without changing the amount of raw materials used!


5: Comprehensively promote process improvement and efficiency

The automatic checkweigher provides real-time monitoring of the product process, including production data statistics and SPC trends, which can be used to improve production and production efficiency factors.


6: Save labor

Using dynamic online weighing can reduce potential sampling errors and long-term labor costs. An online checkweigher can replace manual labor and reduce quality errors. Moreover, after the automatic checkweigher is embedded in the production line, it can work continuously for a long time only with normal daily maintenance.


7: Reduce false rejection rate, avoid rework and discard

A good production process requires an accurate and well-maintained checkweigher. At the same time, it also requires as few rejected products as possible!

Strict weight deviation requirements require continuous improvement of the production quality process, thereby reducing product waste and rework. The false rejection rate is controlled and reduced, the accuracy of the automatic checkweigher is more accurate, and the weight zone setting is more reasonable.


8: Improve production line efficiency

The efficiency of the entire line of equipment has been improved after improving the three aspects of "effectiveness, performance, and quality."

100% product weight monitoring can provide valuable data support for the production process and reduce unnecessary downtime. Strict product weight deviation requirements can be used to reduce overweight and underweight phenomena by using automatic checkweighers to obtain higher production efficiency.



How to choose a checkweigher manufacturer?

Having said that, everyone must already have a more comprehensive understanding of checkweighers. The last step in purchasing is to select a checkweigher manufacturer. When selecting a manufacturer, you can consider the following aspects:

1. The strength of automatic checkweigher manufacturers

Automatic checkweigher is a kind of high-tech equipment. Without strong strength, it will not be able to gain a foothold in the market, especially some manufacturers who can only imitate. It is difficult to reach high standards in technology. Shanghai Shiqian is an automatic checkweigher manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. After more than ten years of R&D and production technology, it has a number of utility model patents and CE certification. Its products have been sold to more than 60 worldwide Countries and regions.


2. The performance and quality of the automatic checkweigher

Choosing an automatic checkweigher, first of all depends on whether the performance of the checkweigher can meet your requirements, and secondly, to check the quality of the checkweigher. An excellent quality checkweigher can be used for about ten years. Of course, a good product needs to be made of good materials to ensure the quality of the product. You can refer to the brand of checkweigher produced by Shanghai Shigan for comparison. Shanghai Shigan uses German HBM load cell, the display uses Weilun color touch screen, the motor West brand, and the conveyor belt adopts a food-grade conveyor belt that meets international standards. Professional quality supervisors supervise every step of production. The quality is strictly controlled in each production link, and the products have been awarded a number of professional qualification certifications. They must pass more than 100 running tests when they leave the factory. When the finished products are delivered, they can be packaged and shipped.


3. Price

I believe that when many companies choose automatic checkweighers, the first thing they think of is price. Everyone knows that quality is positively related to price. Because high-quality checkweighers must have high-quality raw materials, don't just compare prices and ignore other factors. 


3. After-sales service

When choosing an automatic checkweigher, we need to understand what the manufacturer's after-sales is. If the after-sales are good, it can save us a lot of trouble. We will provide considerate consulting services to Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. before sales, and have professional and technical personnel. Develop the most cost-effective assembly line checkweigher solution for you. After-sales service provides detailed arrangement and debugging video, staff training and operation. The company's maintenance center has a 24-hour call service, and a full-time engineer is responsible for providing customers with free technical consulting services at any time. After-sales return visit mechanism not less than 2 times a year.