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Sheet Product Mask Dynamic Online Checkweigher-Customer Case

Jul 19,2022

In terms of weight rechecking, Shanghai Shigan SG-220 series checkweighers can meet the checkweighing requirements from 5-1500g. At present, our SG-220 mask special checkweigher has been successfully installed and operated in a cosmetic factory in Indonesia. As one of the factory inspection procedures, the weight of the product is controlled by the automatic check weigher, which ensures product compliance and improves the efficiency of factory quality control.


In view of the problems faced, combined with the environment of the production workshop, the customer put forward 4 requirements for the applied dynamic online checkweigher:

Use S304 stainless steel construction

The accuracy is controlled within 0.3g

The speed needs to reach 100 pieces/min

Automatic export of daily data reports




On the basis of meeting the basic requirements of customers, taking into account the impact of wind speed and direction in the workshop, Shanghai Shigan added a windshield design to the top of the weighing platform to reduce the impact on data accuracy. In addition, the reporting function of weight data also greatly strengthens the factory's data management and effectively reduces costs.

No matter what kind of packaging the product is, Shanghai Shigan can provide you with a practical and effective check-weighing solution according to your needs, helping you to achieve real-time weight detection, reduce labor costs, and optimize the process.


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