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How To Calibrate Checkweigher?

Jul 01,2022

Nowadays, the checkweigher is an indispensable part of the automated production line, and its accuracy is particularly important for the first-class operation of the production line. It is a dynamic weighing device on a high-speed production line. The automatic checkweigher realizes high-precision weight detection, and regularly removes products that are too light or too heavy and no longer meet the production requirements. But in the process of using the inline checkweigher, if you need to ensure that each batch of goods meets the standards that should be measured, you need to calibrate the checkweigher. How to calibrate checkweigher?

automatic checkweigher machine

Static Calibration

1. Click "Weight Calibration" on the product page to enter the weight calibration interface, follow the steps prompted in the touch screen to perform the calibration operation, wait a few minutes, after the system automatically completes the calibration, click "Exit" to return to the main interface calibration is complete.

2. Make sure that the working status of the dynamic checkweigher is stopped during calibration, and you cannot enter the weight calibration interface during the operation of the automatic check weigher. When calibrating, make sure that there is nothing on the weighing platform, no vibration on the weighing platform, and no very strong air flowing with the drift of the digital checkweigher. When the weighing platform is empty, please make sure that 0 is displayed on the digital display and the value is stable, otherwise please eliminate the interference. Then click "Calibrate Empty Scale". It is most effective when the digital display shows 0 and the stability indicator is on.

3. When placing weights, try to avoid the load hitting the floor of the weighing platform, and enter the ideal weight within the weight range of the calibration scale, otherwise the calibration may be wrong or the calibration will fail (the load of the calibration weight must be as small as possible). Choose a weight that exceeds the weight of the product but does not exceed the range of the high accuracy checkweigher.

4. If the calibration fails after the above operation, please test whether the weighing platform is sturdy, whether the sensor is affected by external interference or whether the weighing platform is in contact with different equipment, and recalibrate after troubleshooting.

high speed checkweigher

Dynamic Calibration

1. On the product page, click "Dynamic Calibration" to enter the dynamic calibration interface. Activate the dynamic calibration according to the text content. After completion, the checkweigher system will automatically calculate and generate applicable parameters and write the product parameters. After the automatic calibration is completed, click "Exit" to return to the main interface.

2. Make sure that the high speed checkweigher is in a stopped state, otherwise you cannot enter the dynamic calibration interface; during dynamic calibration, make sure that there is no debris on the weighing platform, no vibration on the weighing platform, and no very strong air following the checkweighing scales.

3. When the weighing platform is empty, it must be ensured that the weighing platform is at zero and stable, eliminate external interference, and perform the "0 reset" operation;

4. When placing the product, avoid the product hitting the floor of the weighing platform. It is most effective to click "Get Dead Weight" after the load is strong; if the product has a gross weight, please set the gross weight before dynamic calibration occurs;

5. The default learning times of the check weigher is 10 times. If the accuracy of obtaining the value is poor, you can appropriately increase the number of obtaining the value; if the accuracy required by the product assembly line is not high, you can reduce the number of obtaining the value to speed up the speed of obtaining knowledge; in a certain way of obtaining the value After the time point and the obtained value are completed, external interference must be prevented, and the checkweigher will automatically save the obtained value and present it;

6. Changing the product detection speed requires re-calibration.

dynamic checkweigher system

In summary, the static calibration and dynamic calibration of the checkweigher system are the basic operations of using the auto checkweigher. The calibration of the dynamic checkweigher is to ensure the accuracy of the check weight machine, so every checkweigher is Need to carry out static calibration and dynamic calibration. However, different brands and different series of automatic checkweighers will have corresponding operation manuals when they are delivered. Before using the automatic checkweigher, please read the operation manual carefully and carefully check and familiarize yourself with the product buttons and functions. If you encounter problems in operation, please contact our Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd, we will help you solve it.