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High Sensitivity Digital Metal Detector For Food Industry-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022


The core part of the high sensitivity metal detector produced and developed by our company is carefully developed with leading digital technology and original imported chips. The inside of the detection coil is formed by potting and sealing at one time. A food processing company found our Shanghai Shigan consulting Food Metal Detector through the Internet, and through communication with the customer, helped the customer select the model, customized the size of the digital metal detector according to the customer's production space, and finally successfully signed the order.


【Customer application background】

The food processing enterprise is mainly a company that sorts, packs and sells vegetables, fruits, fresh products and other products. After the food is packaged, it is necessary to detect whether there is metal mixed in.


【Customer product selection】

Through communication with customers, the final selection of the size of the detected items: food metal detector SG-8500. Machine size: 135cm (L) * 80cm (W) * 100cm (H) (can be customized according to customer needs)


【Customer application feedback】

1. Touch operation button, the operation process is simple and easy to understand

2. High detection accuracy and stability


[Customer application site map of food metal detector]

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