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SG-550 Logistics Checkweigher

The logistics intelligent sorting checkweigher is a highly adaptable large-range automatic checkweigher, which has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong expansion performance. Multiple protection settings ensure the reliability of its equipment in different working environments and meet the diverse and complex application requirements of customers.


The logistics intelligent sorting checkweigher is a highly adaptable large-range automatic checkweigher.Dynamic checkweigher has the characteristics of quick detection speed, high measure accuracy and powerful growth performance. the most discrimination speed of such instrumentation varies reckoning on the state, length and conveyor speed of the meter, and also the minimum exactitude varies depending on the state of the meter.A variety of protection settings can ensure the reliability of checkweigher in different working environments and meet the diverse and complex application requirements of customers.


Logistics checkweigher texting video


Special roller design

The conveying table of this series of large range logistics checkweigher adopts a roller with a smaller diameter, which reduces friction and makes it easier for products to pass, while improving the stability of table movement and the accuracy of weighing data. The modular weighing table can be freely combined with the length and width of the table, suitable for application scenarios of different product sizes.



The automatic checkweigheris mainly suitable for online checkweighing of heavy items, 0.5-50kg FCL/bag/box assembly line product weight detection, in food and beverage, medical, logistics,hardware equipment, feed, fertilizer and other industries, the application prospect is very broad!


Large-range checkweigher structure

The front and rear ends can be lengthened or shortened according to actual needs, and the weighing table of the checkweigher can also be customized according to the actual measured product size. Shanghai Shiqian is a high-end instrument technology enterprise integrating scientific research, design and development, manufacturing, sales and service. It has a large number of professional and technical personnel. This series of logistics checkweighers accept customization. You can contact us at any time and let your private ideas become reality.


Technical Parameters


Weighing Range0.5-50Kg

Limited of productL: 800  W:550  H: 3-400mm

Accuracy±20g Depends on product

Division Scale 1g

Belt Speed0- 40 m/min

Max Speed 30 pcs/min

Belt Width550mm

Machine Weight150kg

Power SupplyAC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ


Main MaterialSU304 stainless steel


Core advantages

1. The flexible modular design is easy to integrate into the existing production line:; the eight-stage automatic weight sorting machine-weight sorting scale has been installed when the parts are delivered, and you only need to assemble it after receiving the goods. In addition, the eight-stage automatic weight sorting machine has a small footprint, and you hardly need to redesign the production line in a large range. This can minimize downtime, shorten project completion time and significantly reduce costs.

2. Simple and easy-to-use touch screen man-machine interface: simple and intuitive touch screen and easy-to-use man-machine interface. The classification area configuration is simple and easy to operate, which can minimize the training time and cost of operators.

3. High-quality guarantee: high-quality photoelectric sensors and weight sensors and a specially designed sorting device (the sorting mechanism controlled by the system is accurate and timely) will gently sort your products to the correct grade, thereby reducing your products. Risk of damage.

4. The sorting scale supports strict hygienic standards and a bad production environment: eight-stage automatic weight sorting machine-weight sorting scale The whole machine adopts stainless steel structure and imported from Italy and conveyor belt, which is suitable for humid production environment and meets Strict hygienic standards, modular structure design to facilitate daily cleaning operation software functions


Large range dynamic checkweigher factory photos



Digital display screen



Automatic checkweigher

Weight sorting checkweigher 


Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd aims to provide customers with effective checkweigher solutions for all walks of life and help customers realize automated production and management. If you have any other technical requirements, we will try our best to solve them.

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