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SG-300 Daily Necessities Checkweigher

The sorting range and related parameters of the daily necessities checkweigher can be set. The user only needs to simply set the upper and lower limits, and the rest is done automatically by the sorting scale.It is characterized by low cost, judgment, and strong versatility.


Shanghai Shigan Daily Necessities Checkweigher is suitable for the weight detection of daily products (such as toothpaste/soap/toilet care products, etc.). The weight tester can be easily embedded in the production line to accurately weigh each product in all aspects and automatically exclude NG products. 24 hours a day, unattended online weighing inspection, can realize the unqualified inspection of the net weight of packaged products, the inspection of missing accessories, and the inspection of missing parts in the whole box.


The sorting range and related parameters of the automatic checkweigher can be set. The user only needs to simply set the upper and lower limits, and the rest is done automatically by the sorting scale.It is characterized by low cost, judgment, and strong versatility.It is especially suitable for online inspection of packaging products such as daily necessities. It is an essential product for users to improve quality and stay away from complaints.


Specification parameter


Main Feature

1. Structural improvement: The center of gravity of the whole machine is moved down, and the chassis is more stable.

2. The display instrument can rotate 360° horizontally and 180° vertically, making it more convenient to watch the screen.

3. Self-directed sorting organization, the sorting speed is fast in the industry.

4. Better sealing performance, higher waterproof grade, stronger resistance to external interference.

5. Conveyor belt is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is convenient to install, repair and maintain.

6. The powerful data statistics storage function can pre-store 200 formula data and store tens of thousands of records.

7. The conveyor speed is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of the site and effectively ensure the working accuracy.

8. Various expansion devices can be installed according to user requirements.


Daily Necessities Checkweigher Solution

1) Daily necessities weight checker realizes net weight detection: Qualified products and unqualified products are detected according to the preset standard weight range, and NG products are automatically rejected; such as net weight detection of detergents, cosmetics, toilet paper products, disinfection products, etc. .


2)Commodity checkweigher realizes the detection of quality abnormalities such as box/bag/box/whole package and other products:Such as the whole box of paper towels lacking detection, the whole box of washing products lacking bottle detection, the whole bag of washing powder lacking package detection, etc.


3)Daily necessities/toiletries checkweigher realizes missing packing detection of accessories in the packing list: through weight deviation to identify missing packing lists, missing packing quality abnormalities; such as missing packing manuals for daily chemicals, missing accessories, and missing empty packages testing etc.


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Commodity checkweighers are wide employed in the sphere of daily chemical and light-weight industry. For daily necessities production users, Shanghai Shigan provides one-to-one customized daily necessities checkweighers solutions, according to the user's actual production environment and product line online weighing and testing technical indicators.It is required to work out the most suitable plan. Our company's geotechnical machine is one-year free warranty service, installation and commissioning of daily necessities product line checkweigher and operation training. If you have any needs in this regard, you can click online communication or send us an email.


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