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SG-M800 Digital All-metal Detector

As one of the most professional sg-m800 digital all-metal detector manufacturers and suppliers, as well as a first class company in China, our factory also supports customized service. Welcome to wholesale the best quality sg-m800 digital all-metal detector for sale at competitive price from us.


The digital all-metal detector is an intelligent metal detection equipment developed by using digital intelligent technology. Digital metal detector machine realizes the full digitalization and intelligence of metal detection technology. All-metal detector is used to detect metal shavings, broken needles, Iron wire, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metal impurities. Excellent performance, simple operation, wide application industry.


High sensitivity metal detector video


High accuracy metal detector parameter

Name: Metal detector

Type : SG-M800

Main material: SUS Stainless steel (304)

Sensitivity: (Depend on the detection height)

Detection Width: 300mm 400mm 500mm

Detection Height: 100 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm

Belt Height:          Customized

Max Belt speed :25m/min

Material for conveyor belt: Food grade PU belt,

Display and operation mode: LCD flat key input

Frequency: About 90 W

Powder: AC 110V/ 220V  50-60 Hz

Alarm way: Alarm, belt stop


Type of accessories


Our company has a wide selection of accessories, the size of the table can be customized, and any OEM and customer design orders are welcome! 

Standard model

Add double probe

Install push rod to reject, waste storage box


Add piracy removal

Special for aluminum foil packaging

Add roller weighing and reject



Why choose a digital metal detector?

· Metal foreign body contamination detection Detection of all kinds of metal contaminants, including iron, non-ferrous, and non-magnetic stainless steel that is extremely difficult to detect.

· Detect more metals Phase adjustment technology effectively suppresses product signals; high-speed digital signal processing technology and intelligent algorithms.

· Satisfy product application Dual-frequency detection takes into account the detection sensitivity of dry/wet products.

· Stable and reliable Advanced automatic compensation technology to ensure long-term stable performance.

· Customizable In addition to standard specifications, it can be customized according to different requirements of users.

· Efficient operation Automatic setting, fast switching of products, product free handling, historical data, multi-language operating system, etc.



1. It is suitable for the detection of various metal foreign bodies in the industries of food, medicine, meat, aquatic products, candy, condiments, fruits and vegetables;

2. It is suitable for the detection of various metal foreign bodies in plastics, rubber, chemical, wood and other industries;

3. It is suitable for the detection of various metal foreign bodies in textiles, bedding, footwear, toys, handicrafts and other industries.

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