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Real-time Vegetable Weighing Check Weigher With Guide Rail-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022

The real-time weighing checkweigher has a very wide range of applications. In this article, Shanghai Shigan will share with you the case of the online weighing checkweigher for real-time weighing of agricultural and sideline products of vegetables and fruits, and see how the automatic checkweigher can help the vegetable and fruit wholesale industry save labor and improve work efficiency.


[Test Products]

Boxes and bags of fresh vegetables and fruits


[Client Needs]

Previously, the customer used a manual single fruit electronic scale to weigh, and the unqualified would not be put into the warehouse. There is a lot of labor, error-prone, low efficiency, and electronic scales are also prone to breakage.”

The customer found us through the Internet, Shanghai Shigan, and according to his request, we analyzed the problems in the current production line and provided an real-time weighing checkweigher solution, which is to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, and improve products through line checkweighers. Pass rate.


Test items: fruits, vegetables


Weight of the tested product: 50-600g


Accuracy requirement: ±1g


[Checkweigher Solution]


Through detailed communication with customers and an in-depth understanding of their needs, Shanghai Shigan customized a mobile checkweigher suitable for them. In addition to meeting the customer's basic parameter requirements, the weight sorting checkweigher has pulleys for easy movement.


The push rod type rejection method is adopted, the push rod is added with a buffer pad and the storage part is also added with a buffer pad to prevent the fruit from being damaged during the rejection. The customer was satisfied after seeing the plan and signed the contract immediately.



[Real-time Checkweigher Solution Live Photos]

real-time weighing checkweigher automatic weighing checkweigher checkweigher solutions



[Reason for Choosing Shanghai Shigan Checkweigher]


1. The Shanghai Shigan checkweigher can be customized according to the customer's needs, understand the needs in depth and put yourself in the position to save costs for customers, and pay attention to details.

2. The product is guaranteed for 1 year, except for man-made damage, you have no worries after sale

3. More than 11 years of industry service experience, reliable product quality and good industry reputation

4. There are many cases of Shanghai dry checkweigher, involving many industries such as food, automation, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and sideline products, etc.


If you're interested in our machine,please contact us!


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