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Multi-level High-Precision Weight Sorting Check Weigher For Wood Raw Materials

Jul 01,2022

Automatic check weigher machine has been recognized by many processing and manufacturing companies and has been added to the assembly line. It can increase the output of the production line, monitor the quality, and save labor costs for the company to achieve the desired benefits. High precision multi-stage checkweigher is not conventional equipment, basically non-standard customized, because the products produced by the manufacturing company are different, the packaging is different, and the required configuration is not the same, so it needs to be tailored according to the production line of the company used and the functions that you want to achieve Customization, so as to give full play to the advantages of weight sorting checkweigher machine.


A wood processing company added an inline multi-level checkweigher customized by Shanghai Shigan, which has already played an important role in quality inspection on the production line. This customer produces wood materials of various specifications. Shanghai Shigan customizes their own automatic weighing sorting checkweigher according to the customer's production line and needs. Multi-level weight classification, with front-end equipment, allows the product to quickly pass the weight according to the speed of the conveyor belt. In the inspection process, the raw materials are divided into four levels for better use in future products.


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Multi-level Weight Sorting Check Weigher Multi-level Weight Sorting Check Weigher For Wood Raw Multi-level High-Precision Weight Sorting Check Weigher


Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd focuses on a series of automatic weight sorting checkweigher equipment and is committed to solving quality problems in the packaging process of the production line. The company has a large production workshop and multi-field tailor-made experience, and can quickly provide customers with more advantageous weighing equipment. Welcome to contact us !