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Automatic Checkweigher For Large Package Of Flour-Successful Cases

Jul 01,2022

Automatic checkweigher as known as inline check weigher, dynamic check weight machine, digital weight checker, weight sorting machine and etc,.

Automatic weighing checkweigher equipment is a non-standard customized mechanical product. Because each company produces different products and the desired effect is different, the required inline check weigher machine configuration will be different. Some need to eliminate the function, some only need to detect the unqualified weight and alarm, and some need to classify according to the weight range, etc. Only the automatic checkweigher suitable for your own production line can give full play to its quality monitoring function.


Big bag flour checkweigher for food photos



Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production of checkweighing scales. Dynamic check weigher has experience in customizing weighing equipment in various industries and has won a number of qualification certificates. A few days ago, the weighing equipment customized for a certain food industry has entered the working state, playing a quality monitoring role, doubling the output of the automated production line, effectively controlling the outflow of defective products, making customers happy and giving high praise.If you're interested in our machine,welcome to contact us!


This customer is a food manufacturing company with a high-tech automated production line. Now it has purchased Shanghai Shigan's customized weighing equipment, which will increase the output of the product production line, zero defective products, and zero quality complaints, thus establishing a good reputation.

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