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Multi-Level Sorting Checkweigher For Wood Board Weight-Customer Case

Sep 13,2022

A wood processing factory recently saw on the Internet that Shanghai Shigan Company produces weighing machines, which can automatically weigh and sort products by weighing the product, that is, according to the weight (specification) of the product, sorting grades, and weighing each product individually And automatically sorted to the specified weight grade or category, efficiently replace manual sorting, and improve the standardization of products. After further in-depth understanding of product functions and requirements, it was decided to purchase the multi-level sorting checkweigher produced by our Shanghai hard work, and customize the drop-type sorting method.

Multi-level weight sorting checkweigher live video



Working principle of multi-level weight sorting checkweigher

The multi-level weight sorting checkweigher is a new type of online automatic checkweighing sorting equipment, which can automatically detect and sort automatically on-line dynamic weighing. After the multi-level weight sorting checkweigher automatically weighs the product weight, it is automatically sorted to the corresponding level according to the product weight range, and the product weight is weighed by the automatic sorting machine, and then automatically classified according to the product weight range.

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. has senior engineering and technical personnel who have been engaged in the research and development of electronic weighing instruments and weighing systems for a long time and have accumulated rich experience. ahead of peers. Our company provides 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance! If you have any questions, please contact us, the customer service staff will answer your questions online, and we will provide you with the most detailed and professional answers in a timely manner!


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