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High Speed Assemble Line Check Weigher For Food Factory-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022

The high-speed checkweigher has a very wide range of applications, and is often used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, cosmetics factories, etc. Inline checkweighers are usually used at the middle or end of the assembly line to perform weight inspection on semi-finished products and finished products. Products that do not meet the set weight (or weight deviation) will be automatically rejected. This article will share with you the application cases of the assembly line checkweigher in the food factory, and I hope it will be helpful for you to select the online checkweigher!


[Application scenario]

Food factory, check whether the net content of bagged snacks meets the standard


[Customer requirements]

Products with net content up to the standard pass the weight sorting checkweigher, and 100% of overweight and underweight products are automatically removed from the production line


[Recommended dynamic checkweigher parameters]

After communicating with the customer, the specifications of the checkweigher are determined as follows:


Weighing range: 2-300g

Resolution: dynamic accuracy 0.1g

Throughput (pieces/minute): 200-250 pcs/min

Weighing belt width (mm): customized according to the customer's actual check-weighing product size

Transmission height: customized according to the size of the customer's assembly line


[Online Checkweigher Advantages]

1. After passing through the automatic packaging machine, it is conveyed to the checkweigher through the conveyor belt to complete the checkweighing.

2. Using conveyor belt, stepless speed regulation

3. The height of the host can be adjusted

4. Unqualified products are rejected without stopping the machine.

5. Online feedback control upstream and downstream equipment.


[Live Work Video]


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