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Online Real-time Display Weight Bottle Check Weigher-Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

Online check weigher as known as autamatic checkweigher, dynamic check weighing machine, real-time weight sorting machine, high speed check weight machine, and etc,.


Online bottle check weigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment widely used in production lines. It can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line in real time, and meet the online weighing requirements of pharmaceutical, food, Japanese goods, chemical and other industries. According to the different requirements of enterprise products and specifications, Shanghai Shigan has developed nearly 100 checkweighing patents and proprietary technologies, and produced various high-speed, high-precision, and difficult checkweighers.


The customer found us through Google, and asked the online checkweigher to connect the gripping conveyor to detect whether the bottled product is underweight/overweight, and reject the unqualified product. Due to the particularity of bottled products, it is necessary not only to ensure the accuracy and high speed of the detection, but also to ensure that the bottled products do not fall over during the weight detection, so as to avoid product damage. Our company has developed a clamping conveyor matched with the checkweigher, which can efficiently avoid product damage and ensure the accuracy and speed of detection. The structure is compact, the adjustment is simple, and the precision is good. It provides a strong guarantee for the use of high-speed bottling production lines!


After communicating with customers, it was determined that the SG-150H series checkweigher is suitable for the checkweighing of bottled packaging products on medium and high-speed production lines. The weighing range is 3-500g, and the accuracy can reach 0.20g at 160 pieces/min. The sorting and weighing control module independently developed by Shanghai Shigan is adopted, and the patented high-speed weighing structure has high precision and fast speed, which can meet the requirements of online weighing, save weighing information and reject records, and at the same time, realize the networked background computer.


Online bottle checkweigher

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