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Boxed Instant Noodle Food Dynamic Checkweigher-Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

Checkweigher as known as automatic check weigher, dynamic check weighing machine, online weight checker, weight sorting machine, weighing scale and etc,.


This article recommends the common equipment dynamic checkweigher cases on the production line of food factories. The problem of missing and multi-packing of boxed food, automatic check weigher will solve the above problems, match it to the conveyor line, automatically remove unqualified weighing, improve product qualification rate and reduce labor costs.


[Client Needs]

The customer is an instant noodle food manufacturer and packager, and requires a dynamic checkweigher to check whether the weight of the whole box of instant noodles is qualified, whether there is any missing or multi-packing, so as to improve the product qualification rate, reduce labor costs, and enhance brand honor.

Test items: boxed food

The weight of the detected item: 5kg

Accuracy requirements: ±10g

Demand detection speed: 40 boxes/min



Shanghai Shigan checkweigher engineers come to understand the customer's production line and determine the weight and size of the tested product. In-depth understanding of customer needs, tailor-made solutions for customers, due to customer needs, automatic rejection of unqualified products, using the push plate type rejection method, supporting the use of conveyor lines.



[Shanghai Shigan checkweigher advantage]

1. Check the weight of the products one by one on the production line, and sort the qualified products, those with insufficient weight, and those with excessive weight to prevent defective products from leaving the factory.

2. According to the standard weight of the product, the excess or insufficient quantity of the product in the box or packing box is sorted, and the product that meets the standard quantity is delivered.

3. The multi-level sorting scale is based on the standard weight value of the product, and the abnormal state of the sorting product state will only leave the factory with excellent products.

4. For assembled products, the standard weight value of the product shall prevail to measure and confirm whether spare parts and decorations are missing.

5. This equipment is connected with other auxiliary devices to increase the efficiency of inspection and effectively manage production.


 [Dynamic Checkweigher Live Photos]


Shanghai Shigan checkweigher manufacturer, rich cases, worry-free after-sales, welcome to contact us


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