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Big Boxed Bood Dynamic Checkweigher Machine-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022

This article recommends the common equipment dynamic checkweigher cases on the production line of food factories. The problem of missing and multi-packing of boxed food, dynamic checkweigher for food industry will solve the above problems, match it to the conveyor line, automatically remove unqualified weighing, improve product qualification rate and reduce labor costs.


[Customer Background]

A frozen food manufacturer in Suzhou, whose main products are non-dairy cream used to decorate cakes and desserts; condiments, frostings, frozen noodles; sweets, baking additives; special meats, barbecue meats; fudge, fruit; Frozen seafood...etc.


[Client Needs]

The customer is refitting the old production line to improve the product qualification rate, reduce labor costs, and enhance brand honor.


Test items: boxed food

Tested item weight: 20kg

Accuracy requirements: ±10g

Demand detection speed: 40 boxes/min



Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. fully understands the customer's production line and determines the weight and size of the product to be tested. In-depth understanding of customer needs, tailor-made solutions for customers, due to customer needs, automatic shutdown of unqualified products, workers take away unqualified products, automatic operation of the machine, supporting the use of conveyor lines.


[Dynamic Checkweigher Advantage]

Dual-core AD conversion processor, higher speed, high precision conversion

Intelligent precision filter series, stronger anti-interference ability, higher precision and more stable at the same speed

Dynamic weight compensation technology, the detection data is more real and effective

Parameter setting password protection, only administrators operate

Automatic sorting scale, new data storage technology for weight sorting scale, effective protection from power failure

Remote with isolated communication serial port RS232/RS485, multiple data verification to ensure high-speed transmission security

Built-in production report statistics, providing rigorous real-time production management

200 kinds of product presets, easy to switch and call

Adopt frequency conversion control motor, speed can be adjusted according to need

Scientific frame design, good anti-mechanical vibration performance, effectively ensure weighing accuracy

Each mechanical structure, electrical system design is rigorous, manufacturing is fine, installation and maintenance are more worry-free



Shanghai Shigan-checkweigher manufacturer, rich cases, worry-free after-sales, welcome to contact us !