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Industry Food Checkweigher Machine Belt Conveyor Check Weigher-Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

Taking food companies as an example, in the process of producing health care products, there will be inaccurate loadings or weights. The weight of health care products is more or less, which ultimately damages the rights of consumers. The weight of the product is checked to make the weight of the product meet the qualified standard.


The customer found us through Google. After detailed communication, Shanghai Shigan customized the online food checkweigher solution for the customer, and introduced the automatic checkweigher into the production line, which can achieve online high-speed and high-precision weight detection of all products on the line, and at the same time , automatically remove unqualified products, and finally, help enterprises to solve the problem of underweight and overweight unqualified products in production.


Checkweigher Requirements

Weighing range: 5-500g

Accuracy: ±0.1g

Sorting speed: 100 pcs/min

Belt width: 150mm

Rejection method: push plate rejection - unqualified products are automatically rejected without stopping


Online check weigher solution photos

According to the different product and specification requirements of the enterprise, Shaghai Shigan has developed nearly 100 checkweighing patents and special technologies, and produces various types of high-speed, high-precision, and difficult dynamic checkweighers, which can meet the different technical requirements of enterprises, and provide enterprises Solve weighing problems in production and improve production efficiency.Any OEM and customer design orders are welcome! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.