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​Weighing Sorting Check Weigher Facial Mask Production Line Cosmetic

Jul 02,2022

Masks are a must-have skin care product. According to the shape of the product, they can be divided into different types, such as canned, boxed, sheet, etc. With the development of science and technology, the process of producing mask from filling to final packaging can be realized. Fully automated production. In an automated large-scale production environment, it is inevitable that individual packaged products will be underweight or overweight. The detection of mask weight is one of the important links of the enterprise. Underweight masks will cause consumer dissatisfaction, and companies will be punished for substandard products, and overweight products will increase business costs.


The traditional manual labor-based random inspection mode can no longer meet the needs of modern industrial production. The introduction of high-tech automatic checkweighing machines effectively solves the problem of low efficiency of manual sampling inspection. It can accurately weigh products on the production line and eliminate unqualified products. , to achieve product quality control.

Automatic checkweigher, also known as online check weigher, inline weighing scale, conveyor belt check weiger, dynamic check weight machine, weight sorting equipment, etc., is a dynamic high-precision online checkweighing equipment widely used in production lines, which can detect production lines online. Whether the weight of the product is qualified, and reject the underweight and overweight unqualified products.


Shanghai Shigan has always been an innovator and deep cultivator in the field of checkweighing. Facial Mask Checkweigher has developed a number of high-speed and high-precision weighing patents and proprietary technologies, produced various types of online checkweighers, and solved the problems in product weight detection in different industries.For the sheet mask industry, our company has developed a panel tumover-type rejection system to improve efficiency.



The automatic checkweigher can also enable enterprises to optimize the production control process through data feedback, control the appropriate input of raw materials, save production costs, and ultimately increase corporate profits.


Shanghai Shigan automatic weighing machine is not only suitable for the weighing of facial masks in the cosmetics industry, but also suitable for medium and high-speed production lines such as medicines, food, and beverages.



Shanghai Shigan adheres to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, keeps improving production materials, equipment and processes, provides enterprises with high-precision and high-speed weighing solutions, helps enterprises optimize product quality and production processes, and becomes a good helper for enterprise production.



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