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Electronic Check Weigher Machine With Roller For Heavy Product-Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

Check weigher as known as online checkweigher, automatic check weight machine, dynamic weight checking machine, digital weight sorting machine, and etc,.


Online checkweigher is a kind of special equipment for modern automatic production workshop, which is mainly used for weight supervision and inspection of various large-volume and heavy-weight products. Check whether the weight of the product is qualified, whether there is overweight or underweight, a small amount of accessories, etc. The qualified products are automatically flowed from the next work link, and the unqualified products are automatically rejected or alarmed. Improve product qualification rate and reduce labor costs.


[Client Needs]

Test items: boxed food

Detected item weight: 25kg

Accuracy requirements: ±20g

Demand detection speed: 40 boxes/min


[Automatic Check Wigher Solution]

The Shanghai Shigan checkweigher engineer understands the customer's production line and determines the weight and size of the product to be tested. In-depth understanding of customer needs, tailor-made solutions for customers. Because the customer is a new production line, and the back-end equipment of the checkweigher has not been installed, Shanghai's hard-working technicians come to debug for the customer.


Check Weigher Machine With Roller Live Photos


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