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What To Pay Attention To When Using Checkweighers

Jun 29,2022

Shanghai Shigan specializes in the production and sales of checkweighers. The checkweigher is a precision instrument. When using it, it must be correctly regulated and operated to avoid errors. The accuracy of our checkweigher is as high as 0.01g, so the environment and the correct operation of the user are more strict. Here is a brief introduction to what you need to pay attention to when using the checkweigher to help you better use the checkweigher;

Assembly Line Checkweigher

What to pay attention to when using the checkweigher:

Do not measure if it is overweight or does not meet the specified specifications. The maximum weighing of the checkweigher can be changed according to the requirements of the user.

1. Use only a wet rag when cleaning.

2. If the voltage variation range is too large, the measurement error will occur. Please use a stable power supply.

3. The measuring part is set on the weight sensor, and it should not be shocked or overloaded except for the allowable specifications.

4. Changing the measuring parts at will affects the accuracy of the measurement. Please do not change it at will.

5. When moving this product for installation, it must be level. Isolate the conveyor belt while moving.

6. Any repairs and cleaning work must be performed after the total power to the equipment has been turned off, and the metering portion of the equipment must not be stressed.

7. The running/stopping of the transmission and the opening and closing of the operation box back cover shall be performed by the designated administrator.

High Speed Checkweigher

This article is provided by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. Thank you for your online, welcome to ask more information about checkweighers, and welcome everyone to come to Shanghai to buy checkweighers. The dry checkweigher is guaranteed for one year and lifetime maintenance.