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Checkweigher History

Jun 29,2022

Checkweighers have a history of more than 5,000 years in China. The appearance of scales has greatly helped people to carry out industrial and production efficiency. In the use of scales, checkweighers are undoubtedly widely used and accurate. One of the most efficient weighing equipment, he is a well-deserved weighing king. But do you know the history of the checkweigher?

As early as 1933, many experts from the weighing instrument repeatedly tried and realized the way to first use the mechanical equipment to automatically transport the “in motion” products to the weighing platform for weighing. Founded in 1945, the California company in the United States first used dynamic weighing in commercial applications on commercial scales in 1953.

In the mid-1960s, the term “checkweigher” was widely promoted and promoted around the world. This is the reason why many merchants use checkweighers for food manufacturers today, and they are experiencing crazy growth due to increasing attention to product quality and productivity. Then, Ramsey Engineering began to take full control of the world's leaders in the field of bulk weighing and feeding systems. After seeing the value of synergy, many large companies with business acumen have joined the industry of portfolio inspections of checkweighers. This has greatly consolidated and complemented the powerful Ramsey brand and product line.

After this large-scale development of the checkweigher, a Chinese thermoelectric company quickly saw the value of the checkweigher and the portfolio of off-line laboratory instrumentation complementary technologies of various large manufacturers in the world. Targeted and rigorous acquisition of checkweighing professional manufacturing companies around the world, greatly complementing the product line of checkweighers, paving the way for the development of checkweighers in China.