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What Are The Ways To Remove The Checkweigher?

Jun 29,2022

The checkweigher has become the main instrument for eliminating unqualified products on the assembly line, so what are the ways to eliminate the checkweigher? As a company that produces checkweighers for many years, we still know a lot about checkweighers. For different products, the checkweigher should be removed in different ways. Here is a brief introduction to the elimination methods of the checkweigher.

1.the air-blowing reject checkweigher: the speed is very fast compared to other reject methods, suitable for lighter products or fragile products, such as medical gauze, boxed packaging drugs.

air-blowing reject checkweigher

2.the driving lever type checkweigher: the speed is ranked second, the advantage is that both sides are excluded from the product, generally used in the aquatic products industry, such as abalone, sea cucumber sorting.

driving lever type checkweigher

3.pusher type check weighing scale: medium speed, culled, suitable for eliminating the weight of the box, lack of parts and other moderate weight products, such as boxed beer, beverage whole box weighing sorting.

pusher type check weighing scale checkweigher

4.the panel tumover type checkweigher: medium speed, generally suitable for products in the fruit and vegetable industry, such as single vegetables, single fruit online weighing and sorting.

Panel tumover type checkweigher

5.Dropped type checkweigher: high speed, generally suitable for washing, daily chemical products, etc.

Dropped type checkweigher

The above is a summary of the checkweighing scales that our company has summarized for you, as well as the characteristics of these five sorting methods. If you want to know more about the face checker, you can. Thank you for your support.