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How To Maintain The Automatic Checkweigher Can Make It Longevity
Nov 26, 2018

The automatic checkweigher is a high-precision instrument, the operation and use should be correct, the maintenance should be regular, the correct use and maintenance can make the automatic checkweigher weigh more, and the service life is longer. Here is how to maintain the automatic checkweigher. It can be used for longevity.


How to maintain the automatic checkweigher can make it longevity:

First, regular cleaning

The machine will generate dust during use or be untidy due to the product, which will affect the accuracy and speed of its measurement, so the staff must clean the machine panel regularly. Use professional tools during cleaning to avoid corrosive products to avoid harming the machine.

Second, proofread on time

The machine needs to be proofread during use to ensure accuracy.

Third, initialization

Weighing machines generally have a zero adjustment to ensure accurate measurements. At the same time, in the course of use, the weighing pan should be prevented from hitting the object next to it to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.


The staff must check and maintain regularly during the use to ensure the smoothness of the automatic checkweigher during use.

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