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Where Is The Checkweigher Used

Jun 29,2022

Checkweighers are sorted and sorted first. The sorting method can be selected according to the customer's production products. As long as the products can be accurately measured, the labor cost can be saved and the production efficiency can be improved.


Each manufacturer's products have a standard weight and a range of error. For enterprises in automated production lines, in the product weight detection process, using checkweighers, setting standard weight and error range parameters, you can Unqualified products are sorted out and qualified products flow into the next process.


For natural growth and production of various types of products with different weights and different sizes, multi-stage sorting is required. The checkweigher used needs to be selected according to the actual sorting level to achieve the desired scale. Heavy sorting effect. For example, meat products, medicinal materials, marine aquatic products, hardware accessories, etc., different weights are used in different occasions to create greater profits for enterprises.



There are thousands of products on the market, and the weighing equipment required for the automated production lines of different products is also different. Therefore, the checkweigher is a non-standard customized high-tech equipment. As a custom manufacturer of checkweighers, Shanghai Shigan provides one-stop service for customers, and has decades of tailor-made experience, can quickly provide a complete industry weighing solution, professional technical knowledge guidance and after-sales maintenance of checkweighers. Let customers buy peace of mind and use it with peace of mind.