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How To Choose A Filling Machine

Jun 29,2022

How To Choose A Filling Machine

The filling machine has three kinds of liquid, thick sauce and paste. The common one is the liquid filling machine. It is mainly used in plants, food, daily chemicals, medical treatment, etc. Generally speaking, it is the shower gel in our life. Water, edible oil, pure water, etc. If you are pure water and a large dose, you can choose a three-way valve liquid filling machine. If you have granular liquid, then you are choosing a rotary valve filling machine, just like As we often say, if you are a paste or a liquid, you can choose a five-way valve filling machine. The accuracy of the five-way valve filling machine is more accurate, and the five-way valve is filled. The machine has a hopper with a hose-filled filling head and a hard-piped filling head.

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