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Ten-channel Pharmaceutical Factory Checkweigher Dynamic Bag Checkweigher-Customer Case

Sep 24,2022

At present, many industries such as medicine, food, and daily chemical products have adopted a large number of automatic back-sealing granule packaging equipment.

These large-scale assembly lines have increasingly stringent requirements for weighing detection accuracy and production efficiency in packaging and ingredients.

In this case, the dynamic bag checkweigher, which is used to dynamically detect the weight of the products on the assembly line and reject the unqualified products, has attracted more and more attention. The ten-channel automatic checkweigher can not only ensure that the product weight meets the production requirements, but also reduce the waste of raw materials caused by overweight.

The ten-channel automatic checkweigher developed and produced by Shanghai Shigan can provide enterprises with reliable and efficient dynamic checkweigher solutions. In addition to accurately weighing the product weight and rejecting unqualified products, the ten-channel automatic checkweigher can also provide enterprises with reliable and efficient checkweigher solutions. The product weight data can be archived and the weight trend curve can be displayed, and the actual product weighing data can be fed back online, so that the enterprise can accurately control the average weight of the product, eliminate complaints caused by insufficient weight, save raw materials to the greatest extent, and optimize enterprise production. process.

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