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Vial Dynamic Digital Checkweigher Machine - Customer Case

Aug 20,2022

Shanghai Shigan researches and develops according to the characteristics of bottled products. In order to prevent bottled products from being overturned, guardrails are added to the buffer weighing section to prevent unnecessary accidents. After a detailed understanding with customers, the vial digital checkweigher is customized according to the needs of the customer's production line, which can quickly detect whether the weight of bottled products is qualified, the unqualified products are automatically rejected, and the qualified products flow into the next process, effectively solving the work efficiency of the automated production line. Customers are very satisfied and praise our products for their good quality! Below, Shanghai Shigan will take you to see the live video of the customer of the small bottle checkweigher.




Our company is a professional supplier of automatic checkweighers, metal detectors and packaging solutions, we continuously provide customers with effective solutions to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness. It is widely used in snack food, puffed food, fresh frozen food, agriculture, medical, chemical and hardware fields. We also export to overseas markets such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc., and have won countless praise and trust! If you have any need in this regard, please feel free to contact me!