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Small Bag Checkweigher Automatic Belt Conveyor Check Weigher- Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

Small package checkweigher, an online weighing equipment tailored for small package products in various industries, the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the unqualified products are automatically alarmed and automatically rejected, improving the work efficiency of the automated production line. The automatic checkweigher replaces manual checkweighing and achieves high-precision and high-speed checkweighing effect. It is the core equipment of automated production lines. It ensures product quality and improves production efficiency.


Small Bag Checkweigher Features:

1. Accuracy

Imported high-speed weighing modules and weight sensors can be used to ensure the accuracy of calibration.


2. Structure

Simple, in line with GMP and HACCP standards, all stainless steel manufacturing, simple structure, easy to maintain and maintain.


3. Convenient operation

Using Schneider touch screen, simple operation, intuitive display, support for multiple languages (default Chinese and English).


4. External connection is convenient

Can be connected with other equipment in the production line, such as printers, labelers and inkjet printers, etc. (customized).


5. Wide range of applications

It is suitable for checking the weight of packaging bags, filling and packaging, and there are various ways of rejecting (pull, blow, push-can, etc.).


6. Automatic feedback function

The signal is provided to the front end, and the packaging accuracy is fed back in time to adjust the feeding status of the connected equipment.


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