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Socks High-Speed Checkweigher With Pusher Rejection-Customer Case

Jul 02,2022

These next-generation checkweighers are high-speed, sophisticated automatic in-line weight checking devices that check product weights on conveyor belts against set target weight tolerances, and are also capable of automatically rejecting underweight or overweight products. Dynamic Checkweigher is a high-efficiency, high-precision online checkweighing device that can be integrated in various packaging line terminals and conveying systems. The customer found us from Google, and wanted to install an online checkweigher after the sock packaging machine. The dynamic checkweighing speed is 100 times/min, and the accuracy is ±0.2g.



1. Customer product details:

(1). The bagged socks weigh about 100g. The front end is an automatic packing machine. After packing, the socks will be re-inspected by a checkweigher, and the unqualified products will be automatically rejected.

(2). Weighing speed 80-100 pcs/min.

(3). The customer site situation is as follows.



[Checkweigher Solution]

The Shanghai Shigan's technicians understand the customer's production line and determine the weight and size of the product to be tested. In-depth understanding of customer needs, tailor-made solutions for customers, due to customer needs, automatic shutdown of unqualified products, workers take away unqualified products, automatic operation of the machine, supporting the use of conveyor lines.Any OEM and customer design orders are welcome! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.