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Dynamic Checkweigher Sorting Machine For Food Package- Customer Case

Jun 18,2022

Dynamic checkweigher is the best solution for quality control after packaging of food and daily chemicals. Checkweigher machines ensure accurate, repeatable dynamic package measurement for 100% inspection.Next, Shanghai Shigan will share with you the customer cases of checkweighers in the food packaging industry, hoping to give you a reference.


Basic customer requirements

Test product: 10-500g

Detection speed: 60 pieces/min

Accuracy: ±0.2g


1. The checkweigher needs to be combined with upstream and downstream equipment to customize the size.

2. Unqualified products will be automatically rejected without stopping, and three-color warning lights will be added


According to customer requirements and combined with our company's experience, we finally choose SG-220 type dynamic checkweigher, which guarantees the accuracy and speed to the greatest extent, adopts the push plate rejection method, and protects the product from damage.


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