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High Speed And High Precision Check Weigher For Box-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022

High speed checkweighers have a wide range of applications and are often used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, cosmetic factories, etc. This article will share with you the application cases of high speed and high precision check weigher machine in box, hoping to help you in the selection of online check weighers!


[Customer Background]

A pharmaceutical factory detects whether the medicines in boxed medicines are missing or missing parts.


[Customer request]

The weight of products that have passed the checkweigher is 100% qualified;



[Recommended online checkweigher parameters]

After communicating with the customer, the specification parameters of the checkweigher are determined as follows:


Weighing range: 0-100g

Resolution: dynamic accuracy 0.1g

Throughput (pieces/min): 200 boxes/min

Weighing belt width (mm): customized according to the customer's actual weighing product size Length, width and height: 115*65*30mm

Transmission height: height 83cm adjustable


[Online Checkweigher Highlights]

1. After passing through the automatic cartoning machine, the small box that has been loaded with the medicine board and the instruction manual is checked on the conveyor belt.

2. Use conveyor belt, stepless speed regulation

3. The height of the host can be adjusted

4. The appearance of the medicine box is not affected in the process of entering the box, and the pulse time of rejecting waste can be adjusted.

5. The material is discharged smoothly, and there is no accumulation and blockage.


[On-site debugging]

High Precision Check Weigher For Box High Speed And High Precision Check Weigher High Speed Check Weigher For Box


Our product specifications and sizes are rich, various styles, welcome to contact us for quotation information!


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