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Automatic Double Rejection Checkweigher Metal Detector Combo-Debugging

Jul 01,2022

The fully automatic checkweigher metal detector combo produced by Shanghai Shigan manufacturers is an online detection equipment specially designed for fully automatic packaging lines. It can simultaneously achieve precise control of product weight and detection of metal foreign objects, and automatically classify unqualified weights and foreign objects. of products are removed from the production line; the automatic checkweigher metal detector combo can save space and is an effective solution for end-of-line inspection and quality control.



Design advantages of automatic checkweigher metal detector combo:

1. Lightweight structure, small footprint, easy to connect with the production line, high detection sensitivity, easy to operate; it can save production line space and achieve more quality control.

2. Advanced technology, the application of new multi-frequency detection technology, material effect automatic elimination technology, automatic balance technology and self-adaptive adjustment technology brings simple operation, environmental adaptability and stability to the equipment in the industry.

3. The all-stainless steel shock-absorbing structure is designed and manufactured to ensure long-term stability and service life.

4. It can record detection parameters suitable for 100 different products, avoid detection errors caused by manual differences, and avoid downtime for product replacement.

5. Low power consumption design and fully sealed design as well as the structure of the equipment ensure that the protection effect of the electronic control part is good, reaching the protection level of IP65, with a service life of more than 15 years.



The fully checkweigher metal detector combo is used in food, medicine, beverage, additive, chemical, plastic, wood mining and other industries, and can also be used in the detection of aquatic products, poultry, meat, frozen, refrigerated products and other aquatic food.


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