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Automatic Assembly Line Packing Machine Checkweigher System-Customer Case

Jul 01,2022

Dynamic check weigher machine is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment widely used in production lines. Checkweigher can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line in real time, and meet the online weighing requirements of pharmaceutical, food, Japanese goods, chemical and other industries. .


The automatic packing machine integrates automatic weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, automatic built-in labeling, printing, and counting.


The dynamic checkweigher and automatic packing machine are integrated into one production line, and the unqualified products are directly eliminated to solve the work efficiency problem of the automatic production line. The dynamic checkweigher and automatic packing machine is the core equipment of the automatic production line, which guarantees the product quality and improves the production efficiency. This automatic packing machine checkweigher system also has a variety of communication protocol ports that can be added, which can be quickly integrated into the production system control center and realize the interconnection between equipment. It can also be integrated with metal detectors, barcode scanners, labeling machines, automatic inkjet printers, and automatic carton sealing machines.


Dynamic checkweigher and automatic packing machine in the production line

Automatic Checkweigher System Assembly Line Checkweigher System Automatic Packing Machine Checkweigher


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