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Food Metal Detector Precautions

Jun 30,2022

The core part of the food metal detector is carefully developed with advanced digital technology and imported chips; the food metal detector adopts intelligent recognition technology, and the food metal detector has self-learning and memory functions, which can automatically recognize and memorize product features, effectively eliminating each The interference caused by the "product effect". The food metal detector is suitable for products with strong product effects and industries with high detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and waterproof requirements.

Food Metal Detector

What are the precautions for using food metal detectors?

1. Before the food packaging box is tested, clean the conveyor belt with a clean towel. The principle requires that the conveyor belt be cleaned three to four times per shift on the front side, and the reverse side should be cleaned once a day.


2. Ensure that the test is effective. Use the sensitivity test card to test the function of the test machine when you work. Then check the function every hour. When the function is found to be invalid, stop the test immediately and check it after the previous test function. The food packaging box is re-examined once.

Food Metal Detection Machine

3. During the test, personnel or carton objects should not be close to the detector probe components and should be kept away from approximately 30 cm.

4. In the process of detection, the correct treatment method in case of sudden alarm:

4.1 Re-examination of the food box on the conveyor belt, if it is used as an alarm and replaced with a new box, but the normal operation does not alarm, the food box has metal substances, and the food box that needs to be re-examined is still handed over to the team leader. Evaluation follow up.

4.2 Re-examine the food box on the conveyor belt, if it is used as an alarm, and the new box test will also be alarmed. It is abnormal in the function of the detector. Please inform the shift monitor to overhaul. After the fault is removed, use the test card to detect the function effectively and clean the machine. Can be used later.