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What Are The Factors That Affect The Metal Detector?
Dec 22, 2018

Several factors affecting the metal detector:

First, the conversion coil frequency

The conversion coil emission frequency and the size of the metal piece will directly affect the detection result.

Second, the phase angle of the conversion coil causes the phase relationship of various metals

Each different metal can produce different detection signals. Therefore, the detection signal can be regarded as a vector, the phase angle represents the metal, and the vector length represents the size of the metal piece.

Third, the product effect

If a product is electrically conductive, the product usually has some moisture, which can be said to have a product effect. From the technical point of view of metal detection, this conductive product is no different from metal.

The sensitivity of the metal detector. The sensitivity of the metal detector varies depending on the magnetic field distribution. The closer to the center line, the lower the sensitivity. The sensitivity at the centerline is the lowest, so the test sample should pass through the centerline during testing.

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