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Want To Know How The Checkweigher Works

Jun 30,2022

Many companies that don't understand the automatic checkweigher will be very curious. How does this dynamic weighing device automatically work? It can quickly get the weight of the product and process it accordingly. The qualified product is delivered to the next process. Unqualified products are removed from the defective product area, which improves work efficiency and reduces the outflow of defective products for automated production lines for mass production.

How does the automatic checkweigher work? Shanghai Shigan Xiaobian introduces to you, the working process of the automatic checkweighing scale is as follows: the weighing preparation products enter the feeding conveyor, and the speed setting of the feeding conveyor is generally determined. According to the spacing of the products and the required speed, The purpose is to ensure that only one product can be placed on the weighing platform during the work of the checkweigher. Weighing process When the product enters the weighing conveyor, the system identifies the product to be tested from entering the weighing area based on an external signal, such as a photoelectric switch signal, or an internal level signal. Depending on the speed of the weighing conveyor and the length of the conveyor, or based on the level signal, the system can determine when the product leaves the weighing conveyor. From the product entering the weighing platform to leaving the weighing platform, the weighing sensor will detect the signal shown in the figure below, and the controller selects the signal that stabilizes the agricultural area for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained.

The working principle of the automatic checkweigher, the text introduction may be a bit difficult to understand, but the automatic checkweigher customized by Shanghai Shigan Company for customers will have the guidance of professional technicians, door-to-door installation and debugging, and the working principle of the automatic checkweigher. It will be introduced in detail, so companies that don't know don't have to worry about it. Just know that the automatic checkweigher is a high-precision weighing device that helps the automated production line to dynamically detect the weight of the product, which can reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency for manufacturing companies.