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How Vacuum Sealing Machine Works

Jun 30,2022

The working principle of the vacuum sealing machine: its working principle is easier to understand than the larger packaging equipment such as shrinking machines. When the package of the heat shrinkable film article is placed on the heat sealing film conveyor belt, the sealing portion of the bag is automatically fed between the two sealing tapes of the running heat shrinking gun and brought into the heating zone, and the heat of the heating block is transmitted through the sealing tape. To the sealing part of the bag, the film is melted by heat, and then passed through the cooling zone, so that the surface temperature of the film is appropriately lowered, and then rolled by a knurling wheel or a printing wheel to bond the upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part and press the mesh pattern or The logo is printed, and the sealed bag is sent out of the machine by a guiding rubber belt and a conveyor belt, and the vacuum sealing machine completes the sealing.

The components of the vacuum sealing machine are composed of a frame, a transmission mechanism that slows down the speed regulation, a printing mechanism when sealing, a conveying device, and an electrical and electronic control system. After the vacuum sealing machine is turned on, each mechanism can start working. The electric heating element is heated by electricity to make the temperature of the upper and lower heating parts rise sharply, and the temperature can be used to control the adjustment of the system to the required temperature, and the printing wheel rotates. The cooling system starts to cool as needed, the conveyor belt is turned, and the speed is adjusted to the desired speed. The vacuum sealing machine adopts an electronically-selected precision temperature controller. The sealing and printing are automatically completed at one time, and any kind of heatable film can be sealed. The vacuum sealer is a development and application of modern technology. It is easy to operate and uses a fine Teflon coated sealing tape. Nowadays, whether it is heat seal film food, cosmetics, clothing shoes and other fields, or other fields such as heat seal film chemical, electrical appliance, medicine, tea, dairy, beverage, etc., with the development of the times, the wide application of vacuum sealing machine has been In the market, people are getting more and more attention.