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Multihead Weigher Purchase Considerations

Jun 30,2022

With the advent of multihead weighers, it has brought great convenience to many manufacturers. The multihead weigher is also a product of packaging machinery, which can be used on a packaging machine, can find a suitable combination, and then discharge, weigh, pack, and use very convenient. Users who purchase multihead weighers are also increasing. In order to facilitate everyone to buy a suitable multihead weigher, Shanghai Shigan as a multihead weigher manufacturer, here to remind everyone to buy some multihead weighers to pay attention to, I believe it will be helpful to everyone. Please see below for details.

multihead weigher purchase considerations:

     The first thing to consider when purchasing a multi-head combination weigher is whether the weighing speed of the multihead weigher matches the production line. The weighing speed of the multi-head combination weigher depends mainly on the number of weighing hoppers (some models have a memory bucket). The more weighing scales and memory buckets, the faster the weighing speed of the scales, such as the combined weighing speed of 10 weighing buckets up to 5 times/minute, and the highest weighing of 16 weighing buckets (with memory bucket) The speed can reach 240 times / minute. If the user has a ready-made packaging machine, then the speed of the multihead weigher should be referred to the operating speed of the packaging machine, but the speed of the multihead weigher should be slightly higher than the running speed of the packaging machine.

     Secondly, we must consider the weighing range, material size, shape and viscosity of the product. For example, the weighing range and the larger material should be considered for the larger feeding hopper, weighing hopper and memory bucket. If the material is cohesive, The feed hopper, the weighing hopper, the vibration tank and the chute should be anti-adhesive, otherwise it will affect the speed and precision of the multihead weigher.

     The last thing to note is the weighing accuracy of the multi-head combination weigher. Since the multihead weigher is already a very mature product, the performance difference of each multihead weigher is not very large, but the accuracy of the load sensors used in the measurement varies, and the weighing accuracy of each multihead weigher will also be Some differences.

     The multihead weigher basically does not require maintenance during use, and only needs to be cleaned daily. In addition, the food company should pay special attention to the two points in the process of using the multihead weigher: keep the continuity, stability and rationality of the feeding as much as possible, if the feeding is suddenly less, the material in the weighing hopper will be passed. More or too little, it will cause the combination of multihead weighers to be difficult or impossible to combine, thereby reducing the speed and accuracy of weighing; second, the weight of the weighing hopper should be as light as possible, too much force will make the load sensor Damage and affect weighing accuracy can not even be used.


     Through the understanding of the above content, everyone has already made clear the precautions for the purchase of multihead weighers. If you have any other questions about the multihead weigher, please contact us. Thank you for your continued support and trust.