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Pill Bottle Shortage Solution - Automatic Checkweigher

Jun 30,2022

Everyone knows how many medicines are fixed in the medicine bottle. It can't be more or less. If it is less, it will affect the user experience and affect the company's reputation. How can we avoid the inferior medicine bottle flowing into the user's hand? At that time, we will use the automatic checkweigher to re-check the medicine bottle with the drug granules. Once the unqualified bottle is removed, it will be automatically removed from the assembly line to prevent the unqualified bottle from flowing into the user;

The automatic checkweigher is mainly used for quality inspection and classification of products on the automated assembly line. It can also be used for multi-component and missing parts inspection after packaging. High-precision imported sensors and motors are used to ensure the high precision and high speed of the automatic checkweigher. Sorting precision up to 0.01g, speed of 300 pieces per minute, standard SUS304 stainless steel body, in line with various specifications of food and pharmaceutical production, automatic checkweighing scale built-in report statistics, reports can generate EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time Data report, U disk can store more than 1 year of statistical data, support the production situation at any time, so the use of automatic checkweigher is the ideal solution for the shortage of tablets;

Pill bottle missing grain checkweigher picture:

Pill Bottle Automatic Checkweigher

Pill Bottle Checkweigher

Bottle Automatic Checkweigher