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Checkweigher Features

Jun 28,2022

The Checkweigher Features:

1) Detection: missing parts detection, lack of package detection, lack of box detection, lack of bottle detection, lack of can detection, lack of bag detection, etc.;

2) Underweight inspection of packaging products, overweight detection; missing detection of accessories in packaging, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, desiccants and other accessories.


Online checkweigher advantages:

1) Check the pre-managed product weight on the production line, divide the selected amount, insufficient weight, excess weight, and prevent the defective products from leaving the factory.

2) According to the standard weight of the product, the excess or the insufficient quantity of the products in the sorting box or the box is sorted, and the factory meets the standard quantity of products.

3) According to the standard weight value of the product, the abnormal state of the product state is sorted, and only the excellent products are manufactured.

4) If it is an assembled product, the standard weight value of the product shall be used as a standard to measure whether the spare parts and decorations are missing.

5) The equipment is connected with other auxiliary devices to increase the efficiency of inspection and effectively manage production.

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