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Checkweigher Manufacturers China

Jun 28,2022

Shanghai Shigan is a professional manufacturer of online checkweigher machines. The professional manufacturer in China, the online checkweigher for production and sales is mainly used for quality inspection and classification of products on the automated assembly line. It can also be used for many products after packaging. Online checkweighers can replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and consistency and reliability of weighing.

Checkweigher Manufacturers China

Checkweigher Manufacturers China

  China Checkweigher Manufacturers

China Checkweigher Manufacturers

  Checkweigher Manufacturers

Checkweigher Manufacturers

The main functions of the online checkweigher:

1) FCL detection: missing parts detection, lack of package detection, lack of box detection, lack of bottle detection, lack of can detection, lack of bag detection, etc.;

2) Underweight inspection of packaging products, overweight detection; missing detection of accessories in packaging, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, desiccants and other accessories.


The main features of the online checkweigher:

Report function: built-in report statistics, the report can generate EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports,

u disk can store more than 1 year of statistical data, and hold the production status at any time;

Interface function: reserved standard interface, convenient data management, and communication with PC and other intelligent devices;

Centralized control: centralized control of multiple checkweighers by one computer/human machine interface;

Parameter recovery function: Provides factory parameter setting recovery function.



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