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Checkweigher Specification

Jun 28,2022

Dynamic checkweigher technical parameters:

Weighing method: weight sensor

Elimination device: air jet / pneumatic arm / pneumatic push rod / fall type (optional)

Operation mode: touch screen or man-machine interface

Delivery speed: 0~80 m/min

Power supply: AC110V/220V50-60Hz

Power: 100W

Dimensions: Available in a variety of sizes, can be customized

Net weight of the fuselage: 60-80kg

Weighing range: 2~5000g

Zui high precision: ±0.01g

Zui speed: 300ppm, depending on the product

Detection length: 100-550mm

Detection width: 100-400mm

Detection height: 2-400mm


After-sales service commitment:

A, before the sale:

1. According to the customer's request, the customer will be quoted in real time, and the customer will have timely record feedback with special requirements;

2. Sign a standardized product order contract, and clarify responsibilities and other related matters;

3, provide one year free warranty, lifetime maintenance service, responsible for debugging products before shipment;


B, after sales:

1. If the customer's product fails, the time in Shanghai will solve the problem for you. The foreign company will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

2. The customer needs to repair and debug, and arrange technical maintenance as soon as possible due to customer time and company situation;

3. During the warranty period, the product maintenance is free, and the warranty period is exceeded. Repairs can also be provided. If the accessories are replaced, the product accessories are provided at the cost price.