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Why Can The Automatic Checkweigher Solve The Problem Of Multi-Packing?

Jun 29,2022

Why can the automatic checkweigher solve the problem of multi-packing?

Are you still worried about the product loading and missing? Today, Shanghai Shigan recommends an automatic checkweigher for food, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries, which can help people detect high-speed, accurate products with multiple loadings and leaks.

automatic checkweigher for food

Automatic checkweigher features:

7-inch color touch screen display, user-friendly human-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate;

The special digital weighing module and high-precision sensor are selected for stable weighing;

Modular conveyor belt design for easy disassembly and replacement of belts;

Chinese display operation window, professional sorting machine using program, powerful application;

Qualified, unqualified statistics show, data logging function;

Set data group memory, call function, easy to operate;

Operation permission settings, easy to manage, reduce errors;

automatic checkweigher

For the automatic checkweigher, we have a wealth of experience in installation and commissioning, as well as high-quality science and technology, and provide customers with free training and operation services to solve your worries, we buy not only products, but also services!

Automatic checkweigher after-sales service: For many years, Shanghai Shigan has been serving customers in various industries to find out a complete product service guarantee system through research and provide high-quality and timely pre-sale, sale and after-sales service:

First, quality assurance

Shigan guarantees that the electronic scales provided to customers are produced by the original factory, and the factory data accessories are complete. In order to maintain the normal operation and maintenance of the contract equipment, our company guarantees that the technical products provided are complete, clear and correct.

Second, quality assurance measures

Warranty period: On-site service is provided during the warranty period.

As shown in Figure 1, the company has an after-sales service center, which is mainly responsible for after-sales service and technical consultation. Ensure that engineers are available at all times to provide a variety of technical services.

2, there are remote services on the Internet, timely solutions to various problems, and provide real-time online services all year round.

3, 24 hours boot online service can be dialed at any time within 0.24 hours. Technical service is available 24 hours a day.

4, vulnerable parts: the company spares the spot of all kinds of commonly used accessories, guarantees to use a short time to solve the problem.